Friday, February 26, 2016

Any one out there?

It's been a very long time since I last wrote.
Life has taken me on a journey that I hadn't planned on.

I wanted to share my latest rug.  I just finished it late this afternoon.
It's called "Forever True"  a 32" round and retails for $80.00.

This rug is so full of memories for me. 
 I designed it late June/early July 2015.  I was feeling very patriotic as my second son, Sam was in the middle of his BMT (basic military training) in San Antonio, Texas.
  2 years prior son Drew was going through the same process.

When Drew was at BMT I made a dye formula called "Dress Blues".  This rug is hooked using that particular recipe.  

We unexpectedly lost Drew on July 25 of this year when he was on active duty in Guam.  
I hooked this as we traveled over the last 7 months.
  It is a bittersweet rug in that it has happy and sad memories but a rug that I will ALWAYS cherish.  

Happy Hooking
Cherish Every Day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The further I go the farther I get.........

Life seems to be taking my family on a journey that we never expected.
We learned on Sunday that Natalie's boyfriend unexpectedly passed away at the age of 22.
He was in perfect health (he was an athlete) and died in his sleep.
He would have soon been a member of our family.

2 deaths in 9 weeks. 
 We were just starting to put the pieces back together and now this.  
I'm clinging to "this is all part of God's plan" through gritted teeth.

Perhaps soon I will be able to catch up and write "good news"?

Enjoy every moment of every day!

God Bless

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One day at a time......

Want to let everyone know that we are open again.
Please check the schedule for shows so you will know when we are closed.

We appreciate you patience and prayers.  

Marge and Beth

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We will be closed until further notice due to my son's unexpected death. Please be patient with us as we begin a new chapter in our lives. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015


As most of you are aware I haven't been posting anything on the blog.
I just got off the phone with Apple support and I think all is well?
Fingers crossed!

I love electronics when they work but get easily frustrated when they don't.  If I understood things a little bit better I'm sure I wouldn't get as frustrated. :)

Because the latest download of software is so new blogger doesn't recognize it yet and therefore I was unable to get pictures put on my posts.  
If you are like me I like to look at pictures and not words. ;)

So here is just a small recap of what's been going on in my life these days:

  Sam and his date.
We hosted dinner in our garage. 

4X800 team qualified for the state track meet. 
 All seniors.

 My last one. 
 It still hasn't sunk in just yet.

Our second, Natalie graduated from BVU in Storm Lake.  She is enrolled in the Creighton Accelerated Nursing program and will begin there in August.

Drew is currently in Guam. 
 He has a 1 month tour on the base there.
He is working on planes and learning what Typhoons are!

Jenny is getting ready for a trip to Europe with the UWF volleyball team as the Graduate Assistant.

Sam is at basic training in San Antonio, Tx.  
He will graduate in mid August.

To say that my summer has been crazy is an understatement.
It seems the front door is constantly revolving.
Just when I adjust to being home alone for a few days someone comes back home while another is leaving.
Empty nesting hasn't sunk in yet but I think that's because nothing is constant yet!

I promise to do a better job blogging now that my electronics are working!

Happy Hooking!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Class In Newton

Good Evening!

I want everyone to know that I am fully aware of my absence from blogging. 
 When something has to give it this blog.  

I have been struggling with writing and busy with life in general.

Mom and I will be in Newton the next 4 days taking a class from Nola Heidbreder. 
 I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  
I love these 4 days.  
I get to focus on being creative.

I will post pictures as the days roll along so you can see what we are working on.

We are closed at the shop Monday thru Thursday of this week due to the fact that we are gone.

Happy Hooking!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

We will be closed Friday and Saturday to celebrate with our families. Happy Easter.