Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prom 2010

Thought I would share with you a couple of personal photos. This year was Natalie's first prom. She looked beautiful and if she knew I was posting her picture she would have a COW! Oh well, everyone needs their 5 minutes of fame.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Newton Class 2010.....Shearing Rugs

On the 3rd day of class we took a break from our rugs to learn a new technique called "Sheared Rugs". Janice Lee provided us a piece of burlap, old scraps of wool, shirts, fun fabrics, a cup, plate and bowl. We were to draw a circle and then begin hooking. You hook the loops (just like regular hooking) then cut the loop. The look is fabulous and fun. Most of the class choose to use it for a chairpad. We did decide that our bottom side was much bigger than we wanted to admit and had to keep adding rows to make the pad larger!! It was fun but hard on the hands. Thanks Janice. NOTE: Mine is the finished one! hee hee

Newton Class 2010

I believe this is day 3. We would hook from 9 to 4, eat dinner and then come back and hook till later in the evening.......some even hook into the wee hours of the morning!! It is such fun to see the progress of all the rugs as the 4 days went on. I love to attend this class as it is 4 days of uninterrupted hooking!!

Newton Class Continued

This is Mom's rug she worked on called "Henny Penny". She is using several golds in her chickens and hooking left to right using a mixture of off whites.

Newton Class 2010

Every year for several years now mom and I have been attending a class in Newton, Iowa. Elsie Ulland does a great job of putting this event together and bringing in wonderful teachers. This year Janice Lee from Black Horse Antiques was our teacher. We were to work on making a rug look "old". I choose our horse pattern and mom choose the "Henny Penny" mat, both designed by Ewe and Eye. This is my pattern before I started. Mom's rug will be pictured as we go along as well.