Friday, May 30, 2014

First there was one, then two and now three

Good Morning Everyone!

We are adjusting at our house as Natalie is home from college, Sam is still in school, Drew is working for a construction company and I'm trying to feed and keep up with the laundry.  

I'm sharing what happened over the last few weeks.
We had a lot of wind and I had a birds nest (I was using for decoration outside) that blew off so I haphazardly threw it in the planter by the backdoor.

I went to the shop came home and found a Robin's egg in the nest. 
 I thought that Dave had found one while mowing and just threw it in the nest.

The next time I went out the door there were 2 eggs.  
This time I did a double take, pondered the situation and kept walking to the car.

That evening I went out and found a 3rd egg.
Some poor Robin decided to lay her eggs in my planter right by the backdoor of our house.

I'm not sure who has surprised who more? 
 The Robin or the kids.
You can walk out the back door and the poor Robin flies out of the nest and sometimes hits her head on the awning and then poops or the kids come home in the dark and she flies out of the nest and scares them.
Secretly, I kinda like that Mrs. Robin keeps them on their toes! ;) 
 especially when they are late coming home.

Mrs. Robin has actually added to the nest. 
 The white paper comes from the chicken shed and it's what we put in the nesters for the chickens.

Here is the place where Mrs. Robin has made her home.
I really don't want to disturb her so for now my planter is a home.

Happy Hooking!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Closed Saturday thru Monday

Just in case you are stopping by the shop we will be closed Saturday thru Monday.
Mom and I both have family commitments. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Hooking!

Spring has finally Sprung!

It's nearing the end of May and we are FINALLY having some wonderful weather.
Mom and I have both been busy working outside.
I even got the garden tilled and a few plants put in.

Dave and I have started working on the "office" in our house.  We have gutted the room and Dave has already fixed the floor and has a few pieces of sheet rock up.  
The windows are stained and washed after a few too many years. :0

I'm sharing a little bit of the beauty we have had the past few days.
It's been a long winter.

This is Dad's latest project.  He cut back some bushes and made a chair.
It's pretty awesome.......still waiting for mine. ;)

How could you not get out and enjoy the beautiful weather?

Happy Hooking!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A grand day in Ames

We spent Thursday in Ames enjoying great friends, food and work time.  I took a few pictures so you could see what everyone was working on.
Some of the projects are continuation of the Newton class.  It was fun to see the progress made by all.

I didn't get around to getting pictures of everyone's rug.  Sorry to those that I missed.
Mom and I enjoyed the day.  Nice job ladies.

Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rug Show from Newton

Here are some of the pictures of rugs that were brought to Newton class.

Hope you enjoyed looking!
Happy Hooking!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Show and tell of projects on the last day

I believe this is everyone's project at the end of the last day.  
You can see the progress made by each student.

Yes, this is my rug. 
 Emma's Garden.
I will go into more detail in a later post.

What a fun class it was.
I will post pictures from the rug show in the next post.

Happy Hooking!