Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Rug

In my spare time the other day I was perusing Pinterest and came upon this old rug.  I instantly fell in love and decided I NEEDED to hook it.  

I did some research and found the original and the dimensions.  There is no name for this rug so I have "deemed" it................Three Birds!  Original I know.  

The dimensions for this rug are's a biggie.  

I have 2 drawn out as of right now.  I ran out of linen and hope the shipment arrives this week. The colors on this are just yummy.  I have already laid out a few that I would like to use...............because you know that I am starting this rug tomorrow. ;)

The price of the rug is $110.00

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dye Pots Are Going

I thought I would share with you what it is like at my house when I am trying to get some serious dyeing done!  
I have 3 pots going and one in the oven.  It makes for a very warm kitchen............especially when it's in the upper 90's outside.

This is my island..............yes, it is totally covered with dyes, recipes, notes and my bowl of Ranier cherries for when I need a snack. :)  Probably not the healthiest thing to have food near the dyes but, hey, you gotta go one way or another.

I have so many recipes going that I had to make an OOPS jar..............too much multi-tasking makes for mistakes in measuring!!  I figured it makes for a really good dark wool!

This................not me but my boys.  They fixed themselves supper..............can you tell?  

 It would be safe to say that EVERY inch of flat surface in my kitchen is COVERED with something.  I didn't even show you my LONG kitchen table..............that has my IPAD, dried and labeled wool and more books.

My days are counting down for the BYOP so soon the pots will come to a rest and I will have to clean up my mess.  Thank goodness my family is used to this and is supportive or I would be in big trouble.

Happy dyeing and catch ya later.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Finishing Up

If you remember awhile back I showed you  a couple of my projects that were close to being done but not quite.  Well,  after that post I got a bee in my bonnet and finished the projects.

The top two pictures are a pinkeep pattern that I got from Stacy Nash.  The stitching was all complete I just needed  or should I say take the time to put it together.  I had the strawberry done MONTHS ago!
It was an interesting piece to work on...........putting it together that is.  I believe there are somewhere around 4 cups of sawdust in it.  
I need to put another one together since I have a better feel for how to do it!  Yes, I do have another pattern just waiting to be stitched! :)

Above is a pattern by Karen Kahle.  We carried several of these in the shop and they weren't selling so I decided since it was "Small"  I should get it hooked as "Samples" sell.  As soon as I had half of it done the patterns shot out the door.  Well, my desire to finish just wasn't there any more.

I used only scraps from my basket (that is HUGE) to hook this piece.  It is small but one of my favorites.

I should probably show you some more UFO's and that way I would be held accountable. 

It's a drizzly day here today...............a great day to finish a project up!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More New Wool

We just received another shipment of wool.  It is wonderful!!  I brought a piece of each one photograph. ;)

The top piece is one of my favorites.  You talk about "OLD" looking this is the piece.  It has grays and oatmeals in it!

The second piece is off white, gray and taupe.  It too is fabulous.  I can't wait to hook something with it.

Top a great fall piece.  It has gold, rust and brown in it! Yum.
The bottom one is the color of Army Blanket Green.

A super brown.  We have had it in the shop before and it sold really well so we bought some more!!
Bottom piece is black and white...............great for chickens and great for an over dye.

The top piece is cream color and would be great for dying or as is.
A perfect green plaid!

Along with this post I have to mention the fact that with this new shipment of wool we will also be raising the price of our wool.  We have put it off for sometime now and finally have decided .............we have no choice.   Every time we order the price goes up higher as well as the shipping.  Therefore our wool prices will be the following:  $16.00 a 1/2 yd for textures and $20.00 a 1/2 yard for hand dyed.  It is a $2.00 raise across the board.  We are hoping that it will be awhile before we have to increase them again!  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More New...........................

Two new patterns from All Through The Night by Bonnie Sullivan.  

March Hare pattern includes a wool applique penny rug  measuring 16.5x26.5 and a wool applique pillow measuring 16 inches square.
The pattern retails for $9.00

Seven Snowmen is just in time for the upcoming holidays.  Pattern includes a 16x44 table runner and a 16x20 penny rug.  Both are wool applique.
Pattern retails for $9.00

Looking at these pictures I think I need to either clean my lens or shoot from a different angle.  Sorry...........I am not a professional but wish I was.  Perhaps a class would be in order!! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just In...........................

A new pattern from Shawn Williams Threads That Bind.  This is a wool applique piece called "Frosty Mugs". 

The patterns are ordered and this morning I put some of the wool together.  The piece Shawn used for the background is no longer available so I am trying to figure something out for that.
The piece measures 11x40.5

I will let you know when I get the kit ready to go and priced.

Friday, July 13, 2012

New to the Shop

Behind My Fence
finished size 5x8

3 NEW cross stitch patterns by a NEW designer.  In fact, we are the first to carry her pattern retail.  We stumbled upon Linda's work at an antique shop in Lincoln ( I was soooo tempted but refrained).  Linda has a great way of making the samplers look old.

A lady at the hook-in had her latest pattern and I asked where she purchased it and she pointed me in Linda's direction.  I approached Linda to see if she sold wholesale and she looked at me like a deer in headlights! 

I purchased her pattern and gave her our business card and said if you ever go wholesale let me know.  Well, a few months went by and I got an email. :)  

Patterns are here and we are very impatiently awaiting the linen to get them made into kits.

Alphabet Floral Sampler
finished size 9x11

These two bottom photos are not the greatest and I apologize for that.  
Linda's work in done using DMC floss and 32 count linen.  I am anxious to get started on one of them.

Salt Box Crow Sampler
finished size 8.5x11

I am not sure what the cost will be for the kits but you will have everything you need.  When the material arrives I will post it on the blog with the price.  

We are so excited to carry these patterns in our shop.

  Did I mention if you don't want to stitch your own Linda often sells finished products?
  You can check out her blog at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maggie's New Book

Just arrived!!!  Maggie B's latest book.  

A day at Sunny Brook is filled with WONDERFUL projects for your home.  Wool applique, counted cross stitch, rug hooking, flower press and much more.

The book retails for $26.95.

I read it on the way to Des Moines yesterday and I must say it is very interesting.  Lots of fun facts!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden Fence is FINISHED!!!

The fence is finished and boy does it feel wonderful!!  Thanks to my husband and 2 boys who helped finish it up.  Now that the weather has cooled down I hope to spend some more time out there weeding, tilling and fertilizing.  The weather has taken such a tole on the everything!

This is one of my most favorite plants.  My dad bought me the very first one while we lived in Ohio and I brought it with us when we moved but unfortunately it didn't make it through the winter here.  

I recently purchased one and am so excited to see that it is actually growing despite the hot weather. 
It is called a Red Hot Poker Plant!

We live on an old farm that has LOTS of cement!  Most of it is heaved up and broken into smaller pieces.  We are slowly trying to remove what we can.  The worst part is all the little rocks that are underneath.

This is the area by the garden and the chicken shed.  We are attempting to clear that cement so we can lay some underground wiring and a water line.

Seems there is always projects going on at our house.  

Oh, did I mention that my son made a deal with me that he would take up the cement if I would FINISH painting his room?  He doesn't have much patience for that kind of thing.  

I agreed to the deal and he is wondering when I will start.......................................How much cement do I want taken up?!  ;)

New wool

Good Morning to you!  We have been receiving new items in the store so thought I would begin to share some of them with you.

New wool and I must say the colors are wonderful.  We have a beige and off white ticking (dyes like a dream), dark brown/black plaid, turquoise/purple plaid, a purple check that looks like it is hand dyed but it's not and my favorite............... chartreuse (this would make the most wonderful witches faces).

Even if you are not a purple fan or chartreuse they are great "spark" colors for you stash.

Don't know about you but it has been really hard to get motivated with the high temps and humidity.  

FINALLY, today the front has passed through!  YEAH!!
I am hoping that will give me a boost of energy (or a good kick in the butt) to get rolling!!