Thursday, October 16, 2014

Merry Christmas?


Not ready for the holidays just yet?  
I finished this off the other day.
It's quick and can be done in a variety of ways.  
"Noel" retails for $38.00

This rug is the 2nd project that my Aunt Mary has hooked.
She drove 6 hrs to get another project so she is ready for the winter months.
It is hooked to perfection and was beautifully finished.
Great job Aunt Mary and glad we have added another "hooker" to the family. :)

Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good Day!

What a few days we have had here. 
The weather is rainy, windy and cool. 
 I guess that means that winter is around the corner for us?

Mom and I were in Booneville, Missouri over the weekend vending at a show there.  I didn't get an opportunity to take pictures. We had a great time as usual and connect up with some old friends.
 This trip always inspires me.

This picture I got quick before the show started.  An Amish man was asked to bring baskets to sell at the show.  The horses were tied up in the back the entire day.  

The "Chicken Dance" we loved how this turned out.  Such a happy rug and we really like how she outlined the entire rug.  Seems like it automatically ages it.

"Garden Row" hooked by the same lady.  I do believe she did 1 sheep a day.  This one isn't totally completed but I wanted to share anyway.
It's always such a pleasure to see how everyone uses their creativity.

Last but not least.
 We have had numerous customers ask us for shirts/sweatshirts.
 So.......we finally bit the bullet and put some shirts together.

We have sweatshirts and short sleeved t-shirts.
We have small through x-large.
We chose a gold, red and blue for our colors and the shirts/sweatshirts are Authentic Pigment Dyed to give the faded look.

Sweatshirts are $49.00 and T-Shirts are $18.50

We took a stab in the dark for the sizes.  If you are interested in a size that we do not carry please let us know as I imagine we will be placing another order in the future.

Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another weekend recap....

Mom and Dad were off to Omaha, Nebraska to vend at a show there and I was in Storm Lake, Iowa.
My 2nd daughter Natalie was part of the Homecoming Court at Buena Vista College where she is currently a senior majoring in Biology.

We had a fun filled weekend and even enjoyed the football game despite the fact it was a tad chilly!  Natalie is also a cheerleader so we were able to watch her cheer.

I did have a hooking finish the night before Mom left for the show. 
 It's called "Emma's Garden"
I used many techniques in the rug and I can say it's one of my favorites.  
There is a side of me that "loves" bright colors. :)

My job is to get it steamed and ready to whip.
What a fun rug to work on.
Natalie has already called "dibbs" 

Happy Hooking!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Recap of the weekend

Good Afternoon everyone!
Yes, Tuesday came and went and now it's Thursday. 
It's been busy inside and outside the shop these days.

Last week was homecoming and my son Sam was one of the king candidates.

Mom and I left at 4:30 a.m. for Newton, Iowa to vend at the Hook-In there.  Yes, some say we are crazy (they might be right) ;) but we didn't want to miss the homecoming activities.

We had a great time as usual and it is always good to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Here are a few pictures from the rug show:

Our booth!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and have a great weekend!  

Mom is on her way to Omaha to vend at a show there.  Dad is taking my spot as I will be attending homecoming festivities at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake.  

Happy Hooking!