Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Humble Home

Last night I pulled out my rug hooking and did some work on this project that I have started a couple of months ago. The pattern is My Humble Home by Karen Kahle. I love the scrappy part of helps use up those leftovers. We have the mat in the shop if you are interested.


New to the shop within the last few weeks is the latest book by Jill Peterson called Homecoming. This is the third book in her series and it is WONDERFUL. If you love primitive you will enjoy this book! It retails for $29.95. Great for a snowed-in day and a cup of hot coffee or cocoa!

Oh, Christmas Tree

Christmas 2010

F is for .....................................................? A new tradition that was started in our family 7 years ago. Each Christmas represents a different letter of the alphabet starting with the letter A. This year was F. The gift you purchase must begin with the letter of the season. Some years it is easy and others are difficult.
This is a picture of Mom's you can see we have FLAGS represented on the table. Mom and Dad also write a little poem in which every time the letter is said you rotate a gift (all of these are F gifts). My son received a 5 lb bag of flour while my sister-in-law received fruit cake with a $50.00 bill in the bottom of the box!! I received a $5.00 bill with a flashlight!!

Fleece, fishing equipment, fragrance and hooked flags were just a few of the gifts that were given.

As this Christmas gift giving came to an end the G ideas were already a buzz. Gum, golf equipment, gold, ground beef...........................oh what will we get?!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finished Project

Mom has been a hooking machine these last few months. Here is one of her latest projects. This kit was purchased days, weeks, months or years guess. It came from a shop that was getting out of rug hooking shops. The funny parts is doesn't really like cats but she seems to hook rugs with them in it!!! A little ironic don't you think?
I have been hooking on some flags for Christmas gifts. How is it something so easy can sometimes be sooooooo difficult. Yikes. Still have two to finish before 5:00 tomorrow night!! Oh, and I still have one to START.......that is for Mom and I am winging it so it could bite me if I am not careful. If it turns out I will post a picture!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Survived Thanksgiving................

We decided to go see our daughter, Jennifer for Thanksgiving since she couldn't make it home for the holiday. Our decision was EASY since she is attending school in Florida!! This is a picture of the kids on the beach on Thanksgiving day. It was a beautiful day, we had much to be thankful for and we were all together. A traditional meal was purchased from the local grocery store, Jenny made her first with a "floating" crust and one without! :) It doesn't matter what you eat or where you are as long as you are together!!
The day we left the weather had gotten quite "cool" for Florida. As I looked out onto the beach there were only 2 people in the boys. Everyone else was wearing long pants and jackets!! One last shot at the ocean before we left! They had such fun "riding" the waves..........Mom not so much! :)
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snowman completed

Snowman, another in a series of 3 new designs by Ewe and Eye. This is a snowman that is easy and fun to do. He has 3 buttons sewn to the front of him after the hooking is done. As you can see I also ran out of wool...........hate when that happens BUT I just filled in with what I had. He retails for $26.00.

Let's Talk Turkey

Ever wanted to hook something you didn't know how to draw? Well, mom decided she wanted to hook a turkey so she drew out a chair pad size one and gave it a whirl. Now, it isn't perfect but she gave it a's ONLY a chair pad. Did she learn something? Yes. Would she do things differently? Yes. Remember, it's only a small project so don't be afraid to try something on your own!! Let your creativity run wild!

Suessical the Musical

For those of you that wonder what happens in my "spare" time this is it!! When the blog posts are far and few between it is usually because I am busy with my kids. This past weekend our high school choral department put on "Suessical the Musical". Many hours were spent practicing, sewing and gathering props. It takes lots of work but worth every minute. Natalie played the part of Gertrude McFuzz and Drew played the part of Wickersham Brothers. The entire cast, crew and directors did a FABULOUS job!! :)

Gertrude singing about her pitiful tail.

Yes, Mom made us pose for this picture. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

New projects

One day I had this hair-brained idea to draw up some rug designs that were easy to do. We all like to work on a project that we know we will complete! We both picked out a design and began hooking...............guess who completed theirs first? Mom is such an over achiever. :) Mom hooked this one and we thought it was a piece of cake. We picked out a wool that we hadn't used yet for the background. It was all hooked and you couldn't see a thing. We both hooked and reverse hooked and still nothing. The background sucked the life out of every color we hooked in. Eventually we hooked bright and light. I am not sure that it is one of our favorites.......due to the background that we chose but it's just a rug and we learned our lesson.

The rug is 8 x 20 and sells for $26.00. This would make a great holiday gift............especially when you don't have to reverse hook!

I'm Back.................

Well, I imagine that most of you think I died and went to heaven..............actually I just fell of the "blog wagon"!! Life has happened and the days have just rolled right on by. I am currently sewing costumes for the musical that is next weekend! Two of my children are in it and mom and dad have helped on the side. :) This year they are doing "Suessical" it is based on the stories of Dr. Suess. It is very cute and I am hoping to round up the costumes this weekend. I have been working with feather boas and have lots flying around at home!!

We have been working here at the shop too. The above photo is a picture of one of Maggie B's latest patterns. It is called Two Birds In The Garden. It measures 17 x 36 and is wool applique. We decided to make it into a 36" pillow. It looks great sitting in our shop! The pattern retails for $9.00.

I have actually been finishing up a project. It always feels good to get those done. The sad part is it isn't a rug project but cross stitch instead!! My wool project is still in the dyeing stages. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Colors

A few posts back I was talking about the city I live in that is known for it's beautiful Maple trees. Last Wednesday evening the youth from our church were out collecting money for the annual Crop Walk. It was early evening and the sun was shinning down on the trees. The colors were amazing. I could have taken many more pictures but didn't want to totally bore you. We tend to worry about the colors that we incorporate into our rugs..............with examples like this HOW could we mess up? Nature provides us with perfect examples. Take a look around and see what is out there. ENJOY!

Harvest Time......................................

I thought you might be interested in seeing these pictures of Dad's gourds. The vines grew up and around the chicken fence. There were so many vines that it created total shade for the chickens. Dad even had gourds growing inside the fence. This is his harvest and I am anxiously awaiting to see where he is going to dry them. They need to hang in a place where it doesn't freeze? Hmmm.........................................the shop?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comfort Zone

This is a project that I just finished last week. It is one of Maggie's. It is a sewing roll from the book Comfort Zone. I had so much fun doing this. I added a few of my own touches to make it a little extra special for me. We have some linen in the shop if you are interested in this project!

Squash, squash and more squash

Those of you that have been to the shop have probably been out to the garden. Dad planted the seeds and now it's time to harvest the crop. These heirloom seeds came from Seed Savers located near Decorah, Iowa. I don't know how many plants there were but the crop is HUGE! I believe that Dad said one squash weighed 37 lbs!! Oh, these are butternut squash. I am STILL waiting to be offered one to taste!!


Fall is finally here! The weather has been wonderful. As I type this I can hear the hum of the combine across the road. The farmers have been blessed with great weather!!
We live in the city of "Beautiful Maples". I have been in awe every day I drive into town. The colors are awesome! Some trees have 4 colors as the leaves are turning. Be sure and take the time to "see" the colors!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Days Gone By.............

We just received these wonderful cards in yesterday. They are blank 5 x 7 note cards with simple yet wonderful primitive pictures. On the back of each card has a simple saying to match the picture. These are just a small sampling of what we received. Many of us are sending emails but how special to receive a hand written note on a wonderful card!! These retail for $1.95 ea.
(above) "The snow came last night" doesn't it just take you back?

"To care for, to dress, to redress, scold a little, to rock, to lull to sleep...." (above)

Humble, yet pleasing

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let It Snow.......................ugh!!

Here is "Let It Snow" We took this pattern of Maggie's and made a pillow out of it. There is actually 2 designs and Mom put them on 1 pillow. When you get tired of one side you can turn your pillow over and have something else. To finish it off Mom is going to sew pom-poms around the pillow. Clever idea.............. I know we all hate to think of snow already but for those of you that do projects ahead of each season..................this is for you!! Pattern retails for $9.00

Have You Any Wool..................WE DO!!!

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have Ye Any Wool?......Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. Bolts of wool at the shop with more on the way.

1. Gray Houndstooth

2. Off white Glen Plaid

3. Black plaid...........perfect for crows or dark background.

4. Bright Multi Stripe...........cut it either way for some fun adventures

5. Multi Plaid (contains orange, gold, turquoise, brown and rust) get the idea. They always say start with a good plaid! This one is it!!

6.Brown Plaid (camel, brown, gold and orange) This would make a great light back ground

7. Light Brown Heather This wool has a great feel to it. Use as is or over-dye!

8. Brown Plaid (brown, gold and green) Perfect for a Fall rug

Christmas is just around the corner!!

The latest book by Judy Condon. Simple Greens-Simply Country is all about decorating for the Christmas Season. The book retails for $24.95 and is filled with LOTS of primtive seasonal decorating!!

"Yuletide" by Brenda Gervais. 3 projects in 1 pattern. On the left hand side is a cross stitched book binding. Mom did this one. I believe that she used an old army blanket when attaching the cross stitch. The pattern also contains directions for a 9 x 29 wool penny rug and a 31/2 x 7 punch needle St. Nick. The pattern retails for $18.00. Good bang for your buck. Think Christmas gifts!! :)

New products

Pictured below are 2 NEW patterns from Blackberry Primitives/Maggie Bonanomi. The first pattern is a wool applique called "Two Birds In The Garden" it measures 17x36 . The pattern retails for $9.00. Pattern #2 is also a wool applique pattern and is called "Autumn Blooms". The finished design measures 22x25.5. The pattern retails for $9.00. These look like so much fun I can hardly wait to get started!! Fall is here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010 CLOSED

I am posting this with the hope that we will not miss anyone this Saturday. Mom and I both have family commitments so we will not be able to be at the shop. We hope this does not inconvenience anyone.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 our shop will be CLOSED.

See you soon,
Happy Hooking, Stitching or whatever makes you smile :)

Beth and Marge

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where or where did Fall go?

Wow! Where did Fall go? I think we went straight into winter! As I am writing this I am wearing a turtle neck and a heavy wool sweater. I am headed out to watch a Cross Country meet. I think the kids are going to BLOW across the finish line. I certainly hope that the wind is at their backs. Don't know about you but I am hoping for an Indian Summer?

Here is a chair pad that Mom just finished. It doesn't really have a name............just Crow w/ Pumpkin. The pattern retails for $22.00.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall is in the air

I love Fall! I enjoy the cool nights and the cool mornings. It makes me feel full of energy................well, after a couple cups of coffee that is. I took this photo at the shop. We had a bad wind storm and it blew the apples off of Dad's apple tree. These were sitting in a bucket waiting.................not sure what they were waiting for? I think Mom thought the apples would magically turn into applesauce or something?! Anyway, the raindrops looked awesome on the apples so I took a quick picture.

The cool weather always makes me get ready for winter. I have several projects going now and I am not working on any of them. I am hoping one of these days I will feel like getting back in the swing of things!! How about you? Are you working on lots of projects? No projects? Or just drinking coffee and LOOKING at the projects like me?

First Day of School

Summer is gone and school has officially started. We always take a picture the first day of school. On the left is Natalie, a SENIOR and on the right is Sam, an 8th grader. Now one might wonder where is Drew? Well, he is still in bed.............even though he was called numerous times to get up!! He struggles to get up and go to bed!! Lots of adjusting for him this year. :) Hats off to a great school year!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sad News

It is with great sadness that I am telling you this news. Charla Sackman, from Orange City, suddenly passed away a few days ago. Charla was a 1st time attendee at our BYOP. For those of you that may not remember her she was stitching in the living room. I posted a picture of this bright orange poppy as it reminded me of Charla's personality.......BRIGHT and CHEERFUL!! Charla was a young 54 years old! Please remember her family as they deal with the sudden loss of a mother and wife. God Bless you and your families and enjoy every moment of every day :)
Marge and Beth

Friday, August 13, 2010

Recipes from BYOP

Elsie Ulland hooked this rug and it is by Vermont Folk Rugs. Sorry but I don't know the name.
Have a really great weekend.

As per request I am posting the 2 recipes that I used at the BYOP. I will have to get the others from Mom. Hope you enjoy.

Cabbage Salad

1 medium head cauliflower

1 bag cabbage (coleslaw, already comes shredded in bag)

1 medium purple onion

1 lb. bacon


2 c. mayonnaise

1/3 c. sugar

1/3 c. parmesan cheese

salt and pepper

Cut cauliflower into bite-sized pieces, , chop onion finely, fry bacon crisp, drain and crumble. Blend dressing ingredients. In large bowl layer cauliflower, 1/3 dressing, cabbage, 1/3 dressing then onion and rest of dressing. Sprinkle bacon on top. Do not stir until right before serving. Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight.

Taco Salad

1 head of lettuce (I usually throw in Spinach and other dark greens as well)

1 can red kidney beans (I rinse mine)

1 lb. hamburger browned and taco seasoning added

1 bottle of french dressing

1 bag of Doritos crunched

Tear lettuce, add cooled meat, beans and toss lightly. Add enough dressing to suit your taste. Finally, toss with chips. You can also add black olives, sour cream to top, and cheese.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For The Love of Pincushions

I took this photo awhile back when I was searching for something to write about on the blog. This is a very small sampling of the pincushions that Mom has collected over the years. I walk in the living room occasionally and just look at the different color reds. Some are old and some are new.................colors that is. How about you do you have a collection of pincushions? I was lucky enough to find one for $8 at an antique shop. It was just sitting by itself. The patina is wonderful and Mom only wishes that she saw it first!! I will get a photo for you so you can drool as well!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New book by Maggie

If you are familiar with Maggie B. then you know how wonderfully primitive her projects are. Her latest book Comfort Zone takes you back to when life was simplified. The book includes bed covers, hooked rugs, pillows, table runners and whimsical sewing items.
The book retails for $26.95

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New School.....New State.....Family Vacation

Going to college is always a little scary but it's even harder when it is so far away. Jenny changed universities and it is all a good thing! She will be a sophomore at UWF in Pensacola, Florida. We just returned from taking her and took in some fun along the way. We traveled through Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi before reaching Florida. I think we stopped at every Produce stand there was between Missouri and got to be a joke. We have eaten more fruit in the last 7 days! I think it would be accurate to say things are moving rather well at our house! :) We even tried the local boiled peanuts, aka Goober peas. We were told we would get addicted to the peanuts.....................we're still waiting! :)

We did get one full day at the beach. Sun, a hand at driving a jet ski (saved our coins when we found out Jenny was going to Florida), collecting sea shells, floating in the ocean, more sun, and getting stung by a jelly fish........that was Natalie's near death experience. Hee Hee. We all had a great time, got Jenny settled, cried a few tears and began our trek home. Praise the Lord for safe travels.

I saw this big watermelon in the distance and thought it was advertising produce so we stopped. It was called Watermelon Patch but had nothing to do with produce but more shoes than you could shake a stick at!! The guys thought I planned it.............nice surprise!