Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall is in the air

I love Fall! I enjoy the cool nights and the cool mornings. It makes me feel full of energy................well, after a couple cups of coffee that is. I took this photo at the shop. We had a bad wind storm and it blew the apples off of Dad's apple tree. These were sitting in a bucket waiting.................not sure what they were waiting for? I think Mom thought the apples would magically turn into applesauce or something?! Anyway, the raindrops looked awesome on the apples so I took a quick picture.

The cool weather always makes me get ready for winter. I have several projects going now and I am not working on any of them. I am hoping one of these days I will feel like getting back in the swing of things!! How about you? Are you working on lots of projects? No projects? Or just drinking coffee and LOOKING at the projects like me?

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