Saturday, August 7, 2010

BYOP rug show

Well, I may be getting older but not always wiser! After several new posts I FINALLY figured out how to get several photos on one post and it was by accident!! Live and Learn I guess! Here are a few of the rugs ladies brought to the BYOP. I don't know all the designers or names of the rugs so please forgive me.
Designed and hooked by Charlie Reeves

Primitive Sunflower by Star Rug Company, Hooked by Avis Shirer

Hooked by Beth Haley

Hooked by Ginny Morrow

"Funky Chickens" by Vermont Folk Rugs, hooked by Elsie Ulland

"My Best Day" by VFR, hooked by Elsie Ulland

"Sunday Social" by Ewe and Eye/Threads That Bind, hooked by Elsie Ulland

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