Friday, March 18, 2011

Challenge Rug.......................American Dream!

Here is a sneak peek at Mom's challenge rug. This end of the rug went fairly smooth but the other end is a different story. I am not sure how many times that the house has been "painted"......still don't know if it has it's permanent color yet! Maybe she should just go with siding. :)
Mom has gotten into "beading" as you can see it is traveling it's way around the middle part of the rug!!

More of Delhi

Sneak peak at Charlie's "American Dream" challenge rug. For all of you that have the rug.......are you working on it? I know I am not.......haven't even started! Yikes!!
Rugs were tucked in many different places around the house. Of course, we had to take them all out to see the rugs! Sorry Charlie.
A large crock filled with more rugs!! What a fun day we had. Many thanks, Charlie.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road Trip to Delhi Iowa

A very good friend of ours has recently moved to a home on the lake and has been wanting us to come and see it. Monday morning we (5 of us) hopped in the van and took off. We had a wonderful day with Charlie seeing the new renovations and all of her "wonderful" rugs. I could not even photograph all of them. Here are just a "small" sampling of the rugs.
Pineapple Grove by Ewe and Eye............................:)
Above: In memory of Charlie's two cats, Blanche and Stella
Notice this rug of Barb Carroll's (I believe) is on top of another rug by Woolley Fox called Bus Rug.
Mr Pumpkin was one of Charlie's favorites. I believe that he is from Kris at Spruce Ridge Studios. The colors are wonderful and each rug is hooked to perfection! Charlie, it was a wonderful day.........your home was beautiful, the rugs spectacular, and the food was out of this world. You made our day! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dyeing Days

For those of you who receive Rug Hooking Magazine the latest issue has an article about dyeing the color orange. I was soooo inspired that I soaked the wool, filled the pots and begin to dye. This picture doesn't do the luscious colors justice. This isn't even all of it.....the rest has been delivered to the shop. While the wool was cooking in the pots I was stripping woodwork.....trying to finish it up. My goal is to have 1 doorway ready to be re-assembled by the time my husband gets home this week. Shouldn't be a problem. The first round of mud and tape is officially on in the living room. As Sam would say, "Is that one dude coming today?" The answer is yes. We have hired a wonderful man to help us to finish up the living room. Dave and I bought the wood for the floor and it is in the shop waiting to be prepared. I decided to have 12" pine boards. I am so excited I can hardly think straight! When something wonderful happens I will post pictures.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Designs for class

In April we will be taking our usual class in Newton. This year we will have the pleasure of Anita White as a teacher. I am always excited about going as I get to hook for 4 days without any interruptions. Guess it is a little "Me" time?! The above picture is what I will be working on. A few years back my nephew drew me a picture of this lion. I have been waiting for the right moment to work with it and now is the time! I am using the background for geometric fun. I can't wait to get started. No, I am not giving this to my nephew, Ben for a very LONG time! :)
Above you will see Mom's rug. When we were little.......... and even into high school Mom would sing this song to us to get us out of bed. Now remember our day started between 5 and 6 a.m. We grew to HATE hearing this in the morning and she took GREAT pleasure in that. :) Think that is what you call "pay back." I will be taking my camera so I can post while we are in class and you will be able to see the progress.