Monday, June 28, 2010

TA DA......

A few days ago I had this hair-brained idea to make a round chair pad into a stool cover. I didn't have a stool in mind just thought it would be fun to try. I got the hooking done right away using leftovers from my basket. Then I took a few days to ponder......probably should have pondered a while longer. The cover fits but I should have made the length longer to go under the stool farther. I need to make another one so I get it done correctly....or should I just say better?

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather today. There is NO humidity in the air. We have had lots of storms and rain in our area. We lost a big tree that will need cleaning up. I can't do that as it will require a chainsaw. That is one thing I didn't want to learn. Oh, did I mention that I started another project? I love using scraps out of the basket. I haven't gotten very far due to a few other projects that need to be completed. I did almost finish my horse but when I threw it on the floor you couldn't see parts of it. Man, the reverse hooking comes out pretty fast! :) I hope to work on the horse this evening.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Calling all punchers! We have 3 new punchneedle patterns from Bea Brock. Bea is a wonderful rug hooker, jewelery maker and now puncher. Mom and I have had the opportunity to take a rug hooking class from Bea several years ago when she was first beginning. She was a great teacher and has a sense of color out of this world. Bea has dipped her fingers into punch needle and has come out with some fabulous results. All of her designs are hand drawn on weavers cloth. The camera really didn't do the colors justice but you get the idea. The price ranges from $18 to $20 per design. Bea uses Weeks, DMC and Caron flosses. Creek Side Blossoms 6x6
Costa Rican Cartwheel

Topsy Turvy Chickens

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Today is a day that we honor our fathers.
As you have seen through the photos I have posted my Dad is a really special guy. I have many stories about my Dad as I am sure all of you do. If you have ever been to our shop you have probably met Ray. He seems to peek his head inside the shop if he is around.
Dad gave up his double garage (his idea) so Mom and I could set up shop. I always feel guilty when winter rolls around and his vehicles are sitting outside in the bitter cold. Dad also makes sure that the yard and garden look ship-shape when we have something important going on at the shop. He has even been known to wait on customers when we are off to a show.
Soooo I just wanted to say "Thanks Dad and I love you!" God made you really special!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Projects in the works

Mom and I have been working on some smaller projects. Sometimes you need that feeling of satisfaction of COMPLETEING something. I had this hair brain idea to take one of our chair pads and make it fit a a removeable covering. I actually completed hooking this while I was dying some wool. I figure 10 hours and the hooking was good to go.....all scraps I might add! My worms didn't even move. I think they multiple over night! I need to sew on another strip of binding to cover the inside. Thought of that a little too late!? I hope to have it completed and on the stool tonight.....that is if we get rained out at the ball game. Who doesn't want to be a QUEEN of something? This is a new pattern we picked up at market. She will reside in our shop as "Queen of the Wool. More photos to come.....

Mom just finished this applique pattern called "Harvest Moon" by Threads That Bind. Mom had a lot of fun with this. She even lined the back with some Halloween fabric. Great Job!

Half way through June

Yesterday while I was waiting for a child I sat on Dad's swing in the garden and soaked up the sunshine. It was exciting to look at the garden from a different perspective. Dad has done a wonderful job. Enjoy a few more pictures of the garden area.

As you sit on Dad's swing in the garden this is the view that you see. I sat the other day and just enjoyed the sunshine as I watched the butterflies float from flower to flower. When you sit on the swing you also see this. Dad wrote this poem himself and it is posted proudly for all to see. How true the words are.............Great job DAD!!!

Dad's tellis that he picked up from the street side!

Ever have days when you feel like this? A few years ago Dad saw these in a Country Living book and decided to make some. 2 reside in the garden area. I was lucky enough to receive mine, however it is much worse for the wear......... it has lost an arm and both eyes! Note: This is the male, he has a tie. He is also standing amongst the flowers while the female is in the vegetable garden!! Hmmm.

Today I am running two steps behind. I see I have already posted this picture. Take a second look. :)

One of Dad's many pots sitting around! Did I mention that I have 1.....and it's small?!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy days bring more bags

A rainy day means no ball games and that means the sewing machine is whirring....Natalie is on bag number 3 and Jenny is on bag 1. I am trying to dye wool in between all the questions. For the most part the girls are good to go on their own. Here are just a few pics of their bag journey.

For those of you that are interested the pattern is by: Atkinson Designs and called Zippy Strippy. We purchased our pattern and fabrics at Debbie's in Osage, Iowa.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The eggs are hatching.....

I just had to include a few pictures of the baby Kildeer hatching. We came home from church and found 1 egg hatched. As the day has gone along the other 2 eggs have slowly hatched. 1 egg is remaining and has no signs of cracking. It amazes me how mother nature protects the animals to blend in with their surroundings.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Must be the weather.....

Carryall bag......................................Boxer station :)

I decided on Thursday that I wanted to change the background of the blog. I started late at night.....big mistake. I began punching buttons and before I knew it I had undone everything. So if you happened upon this site and noticed it was was!! I have spent several hours trying to undo what I did. Computers are not my thing and I get frustrated easily. I finally have back what I started with and it is still the same. I may leave it that way for awhile till I get brave enough to try again.
The kids are home from school for the summer. I have been busy cooking, picking up and working on "fun" projects. As of today we have 2 pairs of boxer shorts started (not finished), 1 quilted carryall bag (not finished) and 3 cosmetic bags (1 finished 2 neither started or finished). There are moments that I don't know if I am starting or finishing something, BUT it is a real pleasure to sew with the kids and watch their excitement as we begin, work-on, or finish the project. I hope there will be items finished as the days roll along. Note: I did not use the word wool or rug hooking in any of the words above! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Time

Happy June everyone. What beautiful days we have been having. The weather is near perfect. I mowed the yard today and got a glimpse of strawberries ripe for the picking. I just had to share a photo of the "season's first pickings". It's not enough strawberries for all of us but a small taste of what is to come. The plants are brimming with strawberries. The berries are a little easier to spot now.....thanks to the deer for eating the leaves!!