Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Survived Thanksgiving................

We decided to go see our daughter, Jennifer for Thanksgiving since she couldn't make it home for the holiday. Our decision was EASY since she is attending school in Florida!! This is a picture of the kids on the beach on Thanksgiving day. It was a beautiful day, we had much to be thankful for and we were all together. A traditional meal was purchased from the local grocery store, Jenny made her first with a "floating" crust and one without! :) It doesn't matter what you eat or where you are as long as you are together!!
The day we left the weather had gotten quite "cool" for Florida. As I looked out onto the beach there were only 2 people in the boys. Everyone else was wearing long pants and jackets!! One last shot at the ocean before we left! They had such fun "riding" the waves..........Mom not so much! :)
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snowman completed

Snowman, another in a series of 3 new designs by Ewe and Eye. This is a snowman that is easy and fun to do. He has 3 buttons sewn to the front of him after the hooking is done. As you can see I also ran out of wool...........hate when that happens BUT I just filled in with what I had. He retails for $26.00.

Let's Talk Turkey

Ever wanted to hook something you didn't know how to draw? Well, mom decided she wanted to hook a turkey so she drew out a chair pad size one and gave it a whirl. Now, it isn't perfect but she gave it a's ONLY a chair pad. Did she learn something? Yes. Would she do things differently? Yes. Remember, it's only a small project so don't be afraid to try something on your own!! Let your creativity run wild!

Suessical the Musical

For those of you that wonder what happens in my "spare" time this is it!! When the blog posts are far and few between it is usually because I am busy with my kids. This past weekend our high school choral department put on "Suessical the Musical". Many hours were spent practicing, sewing and gathering props. It takes lots of work but worth every minute. Natalie played the part of Gertrude McFuzz and Drew played the part of Wickersham Brothers. The entire cast, crew and directors did a FABULOUS job!! :)

Gertrude singing about her pitiful tail.

Yes, Mom made us pose for this picture. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

New projects

One day I had this hair-brained idea to draw up some rug designs that were easy to do. We all like to work on a project that we know we will complete! We both picked out a design and began hooking...............guess who completed theirs first? Mom is such an over achiever. :) Mom hooked this one and we thought it was a piece of cake. We picked out a wool that we hadn't used yet for the background. It was all hooked and you couldn't see a thing. We both hooked and reverse hooked and still nothing. The background sucked the life out of every color we hooked in. Eventually we hooked bright and light. I am not sure that it is one of our favorites.......due to the background that we chose but it's just a rug and we learned our lesson.

The rug is 8 x 20 and sells for $26.00. This would make a great holiday gift............especially when you don't have to reverse hook!

I'm Back.................

Well, I imagine that most of you think I died and went to heaven..............actually I just fell of the "blog wagon"!! Life has happened and the days have just rolled right on by. I am currently sewing costumes for the musical that is next weekend! Two of my children are in it and mom and dad have helped on the side. :) This year they are doing "Suessical" it is based on the stories of Dr. Suess. It is very cute and I am hoping to round up the costumes this weekend. I have been working with feather boas and have lots flying around at home!!

We have been working here at the shop too. The above photo is a picture of one of Maggie B's latest patterns. It is called Two Birds In The Garden. It measures 17 x 36 and is wool applique. We decided to make it into a 36" pillow. It looks great sitting in our shop! The pattern retails for $9.00.

I have actually been finishing up a project. It always feels good to get those done. The sad part is it isn't a rug project but cross stitch instead!! My wool project is still in the dyeing stages. :)