Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sam's Confirmation

Looking thrilled about the day!  Sam is the last one in our family to get confirmed so no more Wednesday nights after school.

Sam's cousin Mitch was also confirmed.  We had the party in our garage (think we can keep it clean until graduation next year)?

TOO MUCH smiling for pictures!  Sam and his good friend Brett.

Sam and his Grandparents.  Something must have been a little bit funny?

The day went by quickly but it was very enjoyable.  Boy, how the years fly by.  Seems like it was yesterday that our oldest was getting confirmed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BVU Awards Banquet

Two weekends ago we made a mad dash to Storm Lake for an academic banquet in which our daughter Natalie was being recognized.

Natalie is on the left with her two friends Lou and Nereyda.

We had a wonderful dinner and it was a pleasure to witness the Buena Vista students receive awards for their hard work.

Natalie was recognized for her academics and for winning the Global Fellows trip. 
 The Global Fellows trip will take her and 6 other students to Chile next January.  There they will study things...............................honestly, the words are way to big for my vocabulary!!  :)

Congratulations to Natalie and friends for an outstanding job!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharon's Rug

This is one of Sharon Townsend's newest rugs.  Sharon completed hooking this while she was wintering in Florida.

I forgot what Sharon named this rug but it depicts that she still has life left in her!!

These are just a couple of close ups.

Head shot of Sharon's rug.

Sharon's creativity ALWAYS  amazes me!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

More Rugs...............................

I think maybe the paisley rug belongs to Wanda?  

Mary from Boone hooked the Halloween rugs

These two rugs were taken from a greeting card.  Mary received permission from the artist before hooking the rug!  Thanks Mary for being considerate
 of the artist.

Wanda hooked this cottage rug.  I am not sure if this is one of her creations or someone else's.
It was beautiful though!

The puzzle rug was created by Sharon Townsend.  What a fun piece!

Sorry but I don't remember this one.........................Wanda?

Another puzzle rug by Sharon Townsend.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rugs from the rug show

Here are some of the rugs that were brought for the rug show.  I apologize up front if I don't know  remember who hooked what rug or give you credit for hooking one you did not.

Above hooked by Diana...............someday I would like to hook something like this for me!

Oh boy, can't remember either one of these.

Above and below are puzzle pieces  hooked by Sharon Townsend.

I believe this quilt design was hooked by Sue?

JoAnn is almost complete with our very own Kerr Jar!

The color isn't very good on this picture.  Think the photographer should learn how to run the camera better!  

The rug is HUGE and absolutely gorgeous.  It is hooked by Marie and I think it is called Winter Sheep.

Friday, May 4, 2012 project

Bet you thought it would be awhile before you saw my project.  Well, getting photos off my phone wasn't nearly as hard as I thought that it would be AND it loaded much faster (I am quite impressed with myself).

Meet Ada.
  I am not sure what this woman's name really is but she was deemed Ada when we were in class.

I did get quite a bit of hooking done considering I did much MORE reverse hooking!

This was a challenge for me but well worth it.  If this lady only knew how much I have thought about her in the last couple of weeks.  I think I have studied every crack and crease in her face.  I also wondered if she was still living, if she had any family and what her REAL name was.

Her hand is completely hooked and I will update you with pictures as I progress.  I am hoping to have her all finished by the end of July!

Everything about this lady was either white or off white.  The only color in the entire picture was the chair she sat in and the snow cone she ate.  I did add some color for her blouse and the background (to bring out the color in her lips).

I have already informed my children that when I get to be in the nursing home(or if they would choose to care for me in one of their homes) to be sure and use LOTS of color!! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last but not least

Somehow I missed getting a picture of JoAnn's project prior to being completed.  JoAnn is making puzzle pieces.  The design is from a 1960's piece of fabric.  This piece is finished and before we were done JoAnn was putting the binding on.  Only 3 pieces to go JoAnn!!

Well, now how do I put this?  In some classes you ALWAYS have "over achievers" and this time we certainly did!!  

Yes, it was Mom........................what can I say?

This little flower is something that we designed in our shop.  Mom named it "JOY".  I have NO idea where that came from!

A couple of my children were accused at teacher conferences of "rushing" to be the first ones day with their work..............................HMM...............................wonder where they got that from??  :)

Yes, Mom completed her project and I might add it looks fabulous.  The bright colors were WAY out of her norm so she struggled at first.  She changed the shape from straight lines to curvy.  I think she was remembering her figure?!?

A bright limey green boucle' was used for the center of the flower.  It looks really good close up too!

Great job Mom!

Oh, and my project?  Well, I took pictures with my phone but not the camera.  So as soon as I figure out how to get them off the camera I will post those as well.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newton Day 3

Wanda designed her own mat.  It is a place in Florida where she and her husband spend time collecting shells and enjoying the ocean.  Oh, the detail!!  Always picturesque!

Mary had this parrot in an antique mat that she was given.  She took the design and put it on some new linen and began hooking.  The colors were wonderful!

Barb has been working on this design for sometime now.  She decided not to start something new until this was completed.  It's safe to say that her children all have a "glint" in their eyes.  A new outside border color was added as well.  This is a masterpiece!!

Tania also designed her rug.  It is going to be the Green Mountains in Vermont where she and her husband visit.  Tania's rug involved incorporating "fog" into the mountains.  She found some yarn that worked fact she wouldn't share!!!

Diana is hooking a floral mat.  Her colors were beautiful as well as her hooking.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures from the rug show.  You will be amazed!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newton Class Day 2

Each morning we met in our "classroom" to show/discuss our projects.  Here they are!!

This was meant to be a doorstop but is headed towards a pillow I believe.  Dori used a strip from each of us to incorporate into her flowers that reside on the bungalow!!

This is 1 of 3 faces that Lois was working on.  Notice the lock of hair on the right side.  Lois makes the most beautiful lips!!

"Road Kill Cats" is what this rug was called.  Purple, orange, lime green and gold were the colors Marie was using and I must say it was stunning!  Vermont Folk Rug pattern.

We had many days of listening to Elsie Pelsie crow as she worked on her project!  It was turning out beautiful and she was very proud of it..............................and she should be!!

Linda was hooking this happy rabbit. The flowers were from a delicious piece of hand dye was wonderful.  Linda does an exquisite job of hooking.

My table mate, Jane was hooking these horses.  The colors were astounding.  She too does a fabulous job of hooking.  Going Gray pattern.

Sue had a basket full of posies!  She even added her own touch to the project.

Kay was hooking none other than Hare Heist (us) and as you can see she had some fun (had to think too).
This is only Kay's 3rd project.  She learned about hooking a plaid........................that was the "thinking" part!!

There is more to come in the next post.  What fun to see projects emerge into beautiful flowers, colorful horses and rabbits and roosters TOO!