Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newton Class Day 2

Each morning we met in our "classroom" to show/discuss our projects.  Here they are!!

This was meant to be a doorstop but is headed towards a pillow I believe.  Dori used a strip from each of us to incorporate into her flowers that reside on the bungalow!!

This is 1 of 3 faces that Lois was working on.  Notice the lock of hair on the right side.  Lois makes the most beautiful lips!!

"Road Kill Cats" is what this rug was called.  Purple, orange, lime green and gold were the colors Marie was using and I must say it was stunning!  Vermont Folk Rug pattern.

We had many days of listening to Elsie Pelsie crow as she worked on her project!  It was turning out beautiful and she was very proud of it..............................and she should be!!

Linda was hooking this happy rabbit. The flowers were from a delicious piece of hand dye was wonderful.  Linda does an exquisite job of hooking.

My table mate, Jane was hooking these horses.  The colors were astounding.  She too does a fabulous job of hooking.  Going Gray pattern.

Sue had a basket full of posies!  She even added her own touch to the project.

Kay was hooking none other than Hare Heist (us) and as you can see she had some fun (had to think too).
This is only Kay's 3rd project.  She learned about hooking a plaid........................that was the "thinking" part!!

There is more to come in the next post.  What fun to see projects emerge into beautiful flowers, colorful horses and rabbits and roosters TOO!

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