Friday, February 10, 2017


Good Morning!
Thought I would show you the progress on 2 of the projects that I have going.

This is my own design.  Everything is hooked but the background.  The background of the rug is a flag.  The difficulty that I am having is the dramatic difference in strip size.  I believe I hooked some of the detail in a #3 and the background is a #9.  I'm not sure where my height is suppose to be on my loops. The #9 cut overwhelmes the #3 cut, but I am moving forward......right or wrong. :)

"Woolens" is a new design we have in the shop.  It was a quick and easy project.  I hooked the sheep using 1 strip of wool and yarn.  The yarn gave the sheep some interesting texture. 
 The legs, face and ear are hooked with leftover velvet that I had. 
The background is a #9 new favorite.

I apologize for the words going through the design.  It is a little harder to see.  I have been updating the web site and I have been trying to put our name on the pattern so it's not as easy to steal.

My dye pots are going this morning and while the wool is cooking I am headed to the studio to try and clean up a bit.
We have 2 big shows in April and I am working on drawing and dying so we will be ready to go.  I would like to think I would be caught up but I know better than that!

Happy Hooking!