Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Humble Home

Last night I pulled out my rug hooking and did some work on this project that I have started a couple of months ago. The pattern is My Humble Home by Karen Kahle. I love the scrappy part of helps use up those leftovers. We have the mat in the shop if you are interested.


New to the shop within the last few weeks is the latest book by Jill Peterson called Homecoming. This is the third book in her series and it is WONDERFUL. If you love primitive you will enjoy this book! It retails for $29.95. Great for a snowed-in day and a cup of hot coffee or cocoa!

Oh, Christmas Tree

Christmas 2010

F is for .....................................................? A new tradition that was started in our family 7 years ago. Each Christmas represents a different letter of the alphabet starting with the letter A. This year was F. The gift you purchase must begin with the letter of the season. Some years it is easy and others are difficult.
This is a picture of Mom's you can see we have FLAGS represented on the table. Mom and Dad also write a little poem in which every time the letter is said you rotate a gift (all of these are F gifts). My son received a 5 lb bag of flour while my sister-in-law received fruit cake with a $50.00 bill in the bottom of the box!! I received a $5.00 bill with a flashlight!!

Fleece, fishing equipment, fragrance and hooked flags were just a few of the gifts that were given.

As this Christmas gift giving came to an end the G ideas were already a buzz. Gum, golf equipment, gold, ground beef...........................oh what will we get?!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finished Project

Mom has been a hooking machine these last few months. Here is one of her latest projects. This kit was purchased days, weeks, months or years guess. It came from a shop that was getting out of rug hooking shops. The funny parts is doesn't really like cats but she seems to hook rugs with them in it!!! A little ironic don't you think?
I have been hooking on some flags for Christmas gifts. How is it something so easy can sometimes be sooooooo difficult. Yikes. Still have two to finish before 5:00 tomorrow night!! Oh, and I still have one to START.......that is for Mom and I am winging it so it could bite me if I am not careful. If it turns out I will post a picture!!