Friday, November 21, 2014

CLOSED Saturday

As you all know we had the musical Annie last weekend and it was wonderful. 
 The students got to perform to over 450 people each night of the 3 performances. 
 We are so lucky to have a community that supports our students.

Just a couple of shots from the musical.

Sam was chosen as a member of the All-State Chorus and we are very proud of him. A very small percentage of students make it in and it is a big honor.  
Saturday is the concert and we are taking the day to hear the concert put on by the All-State band, chorus, and symphony!
We apologize if we inconveinced you but I wouldn't miss this for the world!

Happy Hooking!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A little humor for the day!

As most of you know I keep busy with my kid's activities.  
Sam is a senior this year and he is very busy himself.
This weekend is the musical "Annie" that the high school chorus is putting on.
I have sewn 38 smocks and made too many alterations to count.
This week I have spent every night at the auditorium helping and getting the kids in their costumes at the appropriate times. The evenings have been late to say the least.

I also took the head-shots for the programs and my son Sam put the photos on a flash drive for the Superintendent's secretary.  

The other morning I was laying in bed checking my emails with one eye opened.  I saw I had received an email from Judy, the secretary, saying she was missing some photos and could I please get them to her so she could finish the programs.

I promptly replied to her email and crawled out of bed.  
I stopped in her office and visited with her and we both asked if we had received each other's the emails.  Yes, indeed we did.  

I sent the photos as soon as I got to the shop. 
 Upon checking my emails later that morning I saw Judy had sent me yet another email. 
The email read, "I wish I had read your email prior to seeing you this morning.  I would have given you some "crap" about it.  Please re-read the email you sent me".
Well, I re-read the email and here is what I actually sent her.

I did not proof the email when I sent it nor was I wearing my glasses!!
 2 very important things when sending out emails!! 
Did you know that the I and O are right beside each other on the keyboard? 
 I now know!!
We all had a good laugh at MY expense!

Happy Friday Everyone!

New Arrival

BeeLine's Newest Addition.
Our sample arrived Tuesday. 
 Wow, is all I can say. 
 It is light weight and really does fit in a suitcase!
The frame is 12" and rotates 360.  You can also adjust the height and level of the frame.
I took some pictures so you could tell the difference between the 14" Orbital and the new 12" travel size.

This is how it came out of the box.

I put my 14" laptop next to it so you could grasp the size when it's folded down.

Set up and ready to go!

I put the 2 frames side-by-side so you might be able to tell the difference.  The heights are different only because I didn't want to mess with mom's frame. :)
I used my camera phone so the pictures aren't the greatest.
Let us know if you are interested.  

Mom is working on this rug.  She is slowly but surely getting there.  Mom struggled a little with the flower color but believe she is good to go for now.

Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Still here

Well, I haven't done a very good job at blogging the last 2 weeks.  My intentions are good. I have had a lot of unexpected things pop up and it's all good.

I spent 4 days hooking on 2 mats that I will show in a later post.  I was so excited as I was working on both every day but then life just seemed to happen.

Here is a short recap:

1.  Sam was selected as part of the All-State Honor Choir (we are so proud of his hard work)
2. Sinus infection for me that ended up in the dr.'s office.
3. Flew to Florida on Tuesday and returned on Thursday to see oldest daughter.
4. Annie musical: In charge of costumes (40 smocks to make), alterations, head shots and helping Sam learn his lines (Daddy Warbucks) I think I could be his understudy. ;)
5. Cross Country team qualified for State Meet and they placed 7th in Class 2A

6. Sam was sworn in as a member of the Iowa Air Guard in Sioux City, Iowa. Now both boys are enlisted and I am praying for peace!

Yes, they are all wonderful things.
Thought I would share my studio space. 
Yep, it's a mess.  Too many irons in the fire!

I hope to have a more productive post later this week! 

Happy Hooking!