Thursday, November 13, 2014

A little humor for the day!

As most of you know I keep busy with my kid's activities.  
Sam is a senior this year and he is very busy himself.
This weekend is the musical "Annie" that the high school chorus is putting on.
I have sewn 38 smocks and made too many alterations to count.
This week I have spent every night at the auditorium helping and getting the kids in their costumes at the appropriate times. The evenings have been late to say the least.

I also took the head-shots for the programs and my son Sam put the photos on a flash drive for the Superintendent's secretary.  

The other morning I was laying in bed checking my emails with one eye opened.  I saw I had received an email from Judy, the secretary, saying she was missing some photos and could I please get them to her so she could finish the programs.

I promptly replied to her email and crawled out of bed.  
I stopped in her office and visited with her and we both asked if we had received each other's the emails.  Yes, indeed we did.  

I sent the photos as soon as I got to the shop. 
 Upon checking my emails later that morning I saw Judy had sent me yet another email. 
The email read, "I wish I had read your email prior to seeing you this morning.  I would have given you some "crap" about it.  Please re-read the email you sent me".
Well, I re-read the email and here is what I actually sent her.

I did not proof the email when I sent it nor was I wearing my glasses!!
 2 very important things when sending out emails!! 
Did you know that the I and O are right beside each other on the keyboard? 
 I now know!!
We all had a good laugh at MY expense!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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