Saturday, February 26, 2011

One more of Turby's Rugs

Another idea from Maggie's book. This was to be an applique pattern. Turby used some wools to make it look like she had patched the rug! Great job.

Turby was here......................

Turby was here this Friday and I just had to share some of her rugs!! Turby is a dear friend of ours and a great customer. She comes and gets a project and we see her when her project is done and she is ready for more. The last few times she has come she has purchased blank linen to draw on. The above rug is just that. Turby used her scraps and her smarts to create the rug.
Mister Snowman was purchased when we had our 15% of any rug with a snowman sale (on the blog).
Winter Wonderland is by Star Rug Co. and she did a great job hooking it! The bunny even has a dimensional tail.

This simple little flower was an idea she got from Maggie's book. It looks so old and wonderful. Again she was just using what she had on hand.

Every year Turby makes her husband a Valentine..............this is it! Simple but yet oh so primitive. Oh, did I mention that Turby is color blind? Don't you think she does a great job? Sometimes I think she can see the values better than us!? We loved her rugs and wanted to share them with you. Turby doesn't do the computer but we did ask for permission.......she would probably die if she knew how many people read this!!!
Thanks Turby for all your wonderful treasures! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Comfort of Home

We have ordered many of Judy Condon's books and decided not to order this particular one. It was brought to our attention that Barb and Wayne Carroll (Woolley Fox) were featured in this book (Thanks Charlie). It isn't quite as primitive as some of the other books and might be something we could all relate too. The hooked rugs are FABULOUS! So now we have copies in are shop and wondered WHY we didn't order it to begin with?! If you love rug hooking you will love this book. It retails for $24.95

New punchneedle..........................

The following are NEW punchneedle patterns that we received late last week. They are from Brenda Gervais; Country Stitches. Above is Bunny and Co. It is 41/2 in. and is called a cupboard hanger. Pattern retails for $14.00
Peter and Peep; A 6 inch ditty bag and retails for $14.00

Cheep Cheep; 41/2" Easter Peep. The chick is punched on one side and fabric on the other. This little guy could be tucked anywhere! He retails for $12.00
These are great Spring projects!!

Where did Spring go?

Just enough good weather to melt the snow and give us a taste of Spring...........................Mother Nature had other ideas!! Freezing rain and sleet hit our part of the country yesterday. As I stood taking these pictures I could hear the branches breaking and falling to the ground.
We are to get more snow today too. Guess I will have to sit a do some hooking...........along with laundry, baking and straightening up. :) Enjoy every moment you can.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Tweet Home

The latest of designs from Ewe and Eye. Mom hooked this project in less than a week. It's called Home Tweet Home...................I know not overly original! This is such an easy quick project. It retails for $26.00. Mom decided to do something different with this project.
This rug is wrapped with a ticking curtain that Mom no longer wanted. It was a great idea to recycle but Mom had a little trouble as the fabric was a little thin. Something new and something a little different?! Nice job're getting to be a "fast" hooker in your senior years! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Home Renovation.....................still..........part 2

The Living Room.....................well what can I say? This room has been in transition for some time now. Dave built a new wall so we can close off another room behind it (aka; the office). The kids and I ripped up the carpeting and tore the existing wood floor up. What we one time where was a sink in the middle of the floor! Sheet rock is up and has almost the first coat of mud and tape on. Once the sheet rock is finished the sub floor has to be fixed then we can lay the new floor down. The new floor will be 12" pine boards..............simple but will fit the era of our home. Oh, did I mention the deadline is March 15?! Yes, we are going to need help and I am placing the call as soon as I finish here!! :)

Home Renovations..................................Still!!

A little birdie told me that they would like to see some pictures of the renovations that are taking place in our house. This is the laundry room that is soon coming to a close. Wainscoting is up, some of the trim and some of the baseboard. I have a call into the plumber to move some pipes for us so we can put a sink by the dryer......................still waiting to hear from them. Once they do their job the sink can be put in and the rest of the trim can go down. :)
This cupboard came out of the basement in Dave's father's workshop. It held nuts, bolts and what ever else he needed it to. Dave built a cleat for the cupboard so it could hang on the wall. It has been cleaned and deodorized. It needs a couple of coats of lacquer but that can happen in between loads of laundry!!
Every thing has it's place now.................well almost! Just glad it is getting closer to being done. I heard from the cabinet guy this morning and he is stopping by to measure for doors on the back side of a built in butler's cabinet. Oh, how I love it when things fall into place. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! May your day be filled with heart shaped jelly sandwiches! Enjoy the day with your family, friends and those close to your heart. Be sure to say, "I Love You", it can never be said enough!!

Happy Valentine's Day Dave, Jenny, Natalie, Drew, Sam, Dad and Mom! Love you all.............hope you have a great day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Checkered Past?

Check out this new pattern! Mom jumped right on it and stepped out of her box. The rug is now completed and hanging in the shop on the wall. It looks really good to. The outside outline is beading done with black and off white.
The outside edge is wrapped with leftovers strips of the red wool. Great job Mom!!

New at the shop..............

Maggie Bonanomi's latest..............Book of Days. Learn how to make an old-fashioned journal using scrap booking materials, wool, ribbon snippets and pictures. Book retails for $14.95
Primitive Place magazine....................Spring Issue. This is the BEST magazine ever!! The only problem is it comes out only 4 times a year! Retails for $ 9.95
The latest book by Judy Condon. If you love gardens and all that go with it you will LOVE this books. Lots of pictures for those that don't like to read! ;) Simply Country Gardens retails for $24.95

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Neighbors

Welcome to North Iowa weather!! Once again we have been hit with high winds and blowing snow. Dave arrived home late last night and I pulled him out once and then we ended up leaving the car at the neighbors. So today as we were eating breakfast and saw a pick-up truck stuck not to far from our house. It was the same young man who had pulled us out not too long ago. Dave took off with the truck to pull him the process of getting one truck out ours went in the ditch!!
This is the tractor we use to move is as old as I am!! Serves the purpose, but it's small!
Call in the neighbors BIG tractor and out the truck comes without a hitch!

A big thank you and a shaking of hands...........................until we meet again!? I hope it isn't this year! :) We are very lucky to have such good to retrieve the car at the other neighbors.