Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turby was here......................

Turby was here this Friday and I just had to share some of her rugs!! Turby is a dear friend of ours and a great customer. She comes and gets a project and we see her when her project is done and she is ready for more. The last few times she has come she has purchased blank linen to draw on. The above rug is just that. Turby used her scraps and her smarts to create the rug.
Mister Snowman was purchased when we had our 15% of any rug with a snowman sale (on the blog).
Winter Wonderland is by Star Rug Co. and she did a great job hooking it! The bunny even has a dimensional tail.

This simple little flower was an idea she got from Maggie's book. It looks so old and wonderful. Again she was just using what she had on hand.

Every year Turby makes her husband a Valentine..............this is it! Simple but yet oh so primitive. Oh, did I mention that Turby is color blind? Don't you think she does a great job? Sometimes I think she can see the values better than us!? We loved her rugs and wanted to share them with you. Turby doesn't do the computer but we did ask for permission.......she would probably die if she knew how many people read this!!!
Thanks Turby for all your wonderful treasures! :)

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