Sunday, April 27, 2014

Projects getting started

I believe this is day 2.
Gail did a great job getting around to everyone the first half of the day.

JoAnn is hooking a replica of a cookbook her mother has.  Believe it was in the 1940's
Very fine cut!

Kay was working on a Celtic Circle.  I can't remember the exact name of the project.

 Squares on Squares was Jane's project.

Tropical fish pond?  
No, it's just mom's project...... The Pond.
She hooked the fish and the pond using silk sari.  It took her all day to hook that pond and she did LOTS of grumbling I might add!

Diana is hooking a donkey.  Isn't he beautiful?
I had some fun with this one. ;)

Elsie is hooking wagon wheels from circus wagons.  She visited the circus museum in Wisconsin and was taken with the wheels.  
It is going to be an amazing rug.

 Barb is hooking Gail's pansy using dip dyed wools.  
It was fabulous to say the least.

Sharon has a thing for flamingos. 
 We happened to be table mates and every day that went by I grew fonder of flamingos. 
 I may have to hook one of my own.

Stay tuned.  More pictures to come.

Happy Hooking!

Class in Newton

First day of class.  Mom was located CLOSEST to the wool tables.  
She is always so lucky!

 She was even the first one to get the teacher.
  Think I will leave her home next year. ;)

3 of 6 tables of wool. 
 Yes, 6 tables of wonderful wools.

 1 very LARGE table of Sari silk skeins.
This was just the first box!

Yummy to look and better to feel it!

 A close up of some of the glorious colors!
I bought a couple but could have bought MANY more.

Happy Hooking!

2 Finishes

I stepped away from blogging for a time as I have been busy with many things.  
I have a few finishes to show you.

Mom finished up her "Cousins" rug and all that she has left to do is bring the wool to the back side of the rug.
I think it looks great and I especially like how she used hit and miss in the middle!

I, too had a finish!
Yeah, Drew's rug is done and ready for wrapping.  
I am pleased with how it turned out.
Now if only the rug fairy would whip it for me?  

Mom and I spent last week in Newton at rug class with our teacher Gail Dufresne.  
I do believe that you are going to like what you see.
Class pictures to come!

Happy Hooking!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

And The Winner Is.....................

What fun this was!
  Thank you to all who participated in our first ever Giveaway.  

I had so much fun I do believe that we will do it again!

All of the names were put in a bowl and tossed around.
Natalie was home for the weekend and did the actual drawing.

The Winner Is...........

Linda is a lover of the Poppy flower.  
I don't believe that there is a poppy in this mat.........perhaps you will have to draw one in?

Congratulations Linda!  
We will mail your mat out to you on Tuesday.

Thank you to all who participated.

Happy Hooking

Thursday, April 3, 2014


YES, you read it correctly. 


I just drew off this mat and as I was doing so all I could think about was the snow that we are to get within the next couple of days.
The thought of snow just makes me sick so I thought.............go for it.............defeat the icky weather!

"Garden Row"  measures 14x61

The above rug is hot off the press. In fact, it is the very first one drawn. 
 I stopped what I was doing so I could get this post ready.
I don't know about you but the thought of mowing the yard sounds pretty good about now..........I have to remember that this summer. ;)

Okay, here are the rules..........that sounds so official.

Send us (actually mom knows nothing about this yet) a comment at the bottom of this post with the following response.

Name your favorite flower............gosh, how easy is that? 
 I'm such a pushover. ;)

You have until Friday night at midnight to leave your answer. 
 I will draw a name on Sunday after church with the winner.
(we are vending at a show on Saturday)
One response per person please.

Good Luck!
I'm excited and I can't even participate.

Happy Hooking

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turby's rug share

Turby was at the shop this past week.  
She completed the following projects in about a months time.
We can hardly keep up with her and can't remember which mats she has hooked.

When Turby finishes hooking her projects she always buys plain linen and draws out her own. 
 The flower is her design.

A Woolley Fox design.

This is our Challenge Rug mat from last year.
It's always fun to see what Turby has "hooked up"

Happy Hooking!

A week of no hooking

I had such good intentions of finishing up Drew's rug last week but a few things got in my way.

The high school variety show was this past weekend.
We served 65-70 students for 3 days of rehearsal and 2 nights of performance. 
 Let's just say there were NO leftovers. :)

I also altered a few of the dresses and spent time in the green room keeping things "orderly."
It was a wonderful group of kids to work with and they were very supportive of each other.  Lots of hardwork went into the event.

This would be the whole chorus

Show Choir........boys are REALLY out numbered!

My son, Sam sang a Michael Buble` song,  Just Haven't Met You Yet

Sam had some "friends" help him out in the act.  
We (a few moms) actually spoofed him one night at rehearsal and "replaced" the younger girls.  Thought for sure it would mess his singing up but he never missed a note.
  Sam was a good sport about the whole thing.

Happy Hooking