Sunday, April 27, 2014

Projects getting started

I believe this is day 2.
Gail did a great job getting around to everyone the first half of the day.

JoAnn is hooking a replica of a cookbook her mother has.  Believe it was in the 1940's
Very fine cut!

Kay was working on a Celtic Circle.  I can't remember the exact name of the project.

 Squares on Squares was Jane's project.

Tropical fish pond?  
No, it's just mom's project...... The Pond.
She hooked the fish and the pond using silk sari.  It took her all day to hook that pond and she did LOTS of grumbling I might add!

Diana is hooking a donkey.  Isn't he beautiful?
I had some fun with this one. ;)

Elsie is hooking wagon wheels from circus wagons.  She visited the circus museum in Wisconsin and was taken with the wheels.  
It is going to be an amazing rug.

 Barb is hooking Gail's pansy using dip dyed wools.  
It was fabulous to say the least.

Sharon has a thing for flamingos. 
 We happened to be table mates and every day that went by I grew fonder of flamingos. 
 I may have to hook one of my own.

Stay tuned.  More pictures to come.

Happy Hooking!

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