Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A week of no hooking

I had such good intentions of finishing up Drew's rug last week but a few things got in my way.

The high school variety show was this past weekend.
We served 65-70 students for 3 days of rehearsal and 2 nights of performance. 
 Let's just say there were NO leftovers. :)

I also altered a few of the dresses and spent time in the green room keeping things "orderly."
It was a wonderful group of kids to work with and they were very supportive of each other.  Lots of hardwork went into the event.

This would be the whole chorus

Show Choir........boys are REALLY out numbered!

My son, Sam sang a Michael Buble` song,  Just Haven't Met You Yet

Sam had some "friends" help him out in the act.  
We (a few moms) actually spoofed him one night at rehearsal and "replaced" the younger girls.  Thought for sure it would mess his singing up but he never missed a note.
  Sam was a good sport about the whole thing.

Happy Hooking

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