Saturday, May 28, 2011


The stone is all in and the workers have least for now. This is Mom and Dad's new fireplace. It really classed up the place..........not sure they were ready for that? ;) I think Dad is working on the mantel over the holiday weekend. A new one has to be constructed and I believe that it will wrap around the fireplace? Not sure on that one. Oh, just for smiles.......if you look close you can see my legs in the picture!! :)

Dad is tired of living in the mess......................I told him he has 7 years to go before he can complain!!!! It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what Mom decides to hang over the pressure Mom!

State Track Meet Results

I feel as though I am a little out of sorts as well as out of order here. I got lost in the shuffle of all the events that have been going on in our family. Someone asked me how the girls did at the State Track Meet. They ran their best time and placed 15 out of 24. It wasn't good enough to place in the finals but the girls were pleased with the fact that they actually made it. It was a great way for 2 seniors to end their final track meet!

As promised................

Well, as promised here a couple of pictures that I had to share. Below is the rug that I hooked for Natalie as a graduation gift. It is completed except to hand sew the binding on the back side. She was pleased...............especially when she saw that her dog, Cooper was included!! I am just glad that it is done!!!
When I told Natalie that I was making something "rug hooking" she said, "I'd rather have a quilt instead"! an idiot I thought........................why not do both!? Well, good thing her older sister came home. We ran into complications.....................decided to make it bigger and didn't have enough fabric, sewing machine stopped working and couldn't stay up late enough!!! Jenny was determined to say the least and she was up till 1:30 a.m. working on it and finished it at 11 a.m. the day of the party..................I went to bed!! Truthfully, Natalie was more excited with the quilt but that's okay...........I picked out the colors. Just in case you haven't figured it out yet Natalie loves bright colors like bright orange, green and of course PINK!!
Now, she asks me every day when we are going to get it machine quilted!!! Can't wait until she is a parent! :)

Pattern by Vermont Folk Rugs.............with a few changes.

Monday, May 23, 2011

She Did It!!

Busy, busy weekend! On Sunday 94 seniors walked across the stage to receive their diploma and my Natalie was one of them! She graduated 4th in her class with a 3.97. Next, she will begin classes in the fall at Buena Vista in Storm Lake, Iowa to study Biology and minor in Spanish. Congratulations, Natalie I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 new books

The latest book from Judy Condon called The Spirit of Country. It retails for $24.95

Primitive Place Magazine issue arrived this morning and I have only had a chance to quickly thumb through the pages. Looks like another keeper!! It retails for $9.95. Towards the back of the issue there are lots of garden ideas.


Hello everyone. This is going to be a post without pictures. I wanted to let everyone know that we just learned that the magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects has numerous corrections. I printed them off the computer and plan to make copies for the magazines in the shop. If you purchased the magazine from us please email me and I will send you the copy of the corrections. I certainly hope you haven't already started a project!?

I will be posting again as soon as I get home as we have Judy Condon's new book as well as the latest issue of Primitive Place magazine!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

Friday, May 13, 2011

State Track here we come...........................

CONGRATULATIONS to the Osage Girl's Shuttle Hurdle Team!!!! They qualified for the Iowa High School State track meet in Des Moines. They have worked so hard and everyone ran great last night! We are very excited for them...............this is a memory they soon won't forget. What a great way to end your senior year...........yes, that's my Natalie on the left! Right now she is so excited she probably won't be able to sleep.......even though she has been up for 48 hours!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bless This House

This is Mom's latest project called Bless This House. She was stuck out in the shop while her house was torn apart and look how much she got done!! A little each day goes a long way to getting a rug completed!! This is a new rug for us so check it out when you stop in the next time!

Last Track Meet

District track meet this afternoon. This will be Natalie's LAST track meet in high school! Tomorrow is her LAST day of high school! Where or where have the years gone? Wishing the hurdle team good fast and fly high over the hurdles!

Replacement windows leads fireplace?

Last year Mom and Dad decided to replace some of the windows in their house. The contractors were there putting them in and suddenly the house filled with gas..........lucky Mom didn't lite her usual candle! To make a very long story short they are now replacing the gas fireplace as well. The old fireplace was not up to code and in order to replace it changes had to be made..........which required more mess. Now the house looks like...................well.............mine! :) Mom says she is getting use to the mess...............unfortunately this does happen!! The stone for the fireplace could take up to 4 weeks. Those of you that are coming for the BYOP should be able to "see clearly" and enjoy the presence of a new fireplace!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuba Solo

In February each of the middle school students prepares a solo for band contest. The judges also choose students that do an outstanding job. If you are chosen you play your solo at the last band concert of the school year in front of an auditorium full of parents, grandparents and teachers. My youngest son Sam plays the tuba and was selected as an outstanding solo. So last night he performed his solo. He did a great job despite the fact he was nervous! Didn't know it took that much air to make a single note......................wonder where he gets ALL that hot air? :)
It was a wonderful concert and fun to hear how the kids have grown in sound over the school year.

Way to go Sam!! Nice job! I am glad your choice was to play the tuba!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Banana Bread

This is Sam's banana bread he decided to make at 8:30 this evening! He has taken an interest in baking this bread. I have LOTS of bananas in the freezer and I WON'T complain about someone baking! FYI this bread is only 15 minutes out of the oven and this is all that's left of a full loaf. We all had to have a sample! :)

More greens?

Yellow and Blue make Green. Right? Well, that depends on what yellow and what blue that you use. The bottom two piles are using prochem dyes and the top pile is using Majic Carpet yellow and Prochem blue. The top picture is a poor picture of what the green looks like. It is actually very pretty and will be used in my library.
Have some fun.............hit the pot.......................dye pot that is! It's fun experimenting and the best part can't mess up!!!!