Saturday, May 29, 2010

Veteran's Day

Happy Memorial Day! If you see a Veteran please thank them for serving our country so we are able to be free and live in a great country. Have a blessed and safe holiday.

New Projects

We have a couple of projects to show you. The first is a punchneedle project called "Grand Champion" by Threads That Bind. Yesterday I put the wool around the punch and now I need to find a frame for it. Don't you just love finishing up your projects? It makes it much easier to start a new one! :) Secondly we have 3 wool pumpkins. It seems early to think of fall when summer is just beginning but time marches on. This pattern is called "Pumpkin Farm" and it is also by Threads That Bind. There is a total of 5 pumpkins in this pattern. The pattern retails for $12.00. These are fun to make and better yet....FAST!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New to the gardens

Note the heart carved into the fence....Dad is always showing his love for Mom. :)

Those of you who have attended the BYOP know that Dad has beautiful gardens around the house. This year he has added a fence, gate and swing! He was putting posts in the ground when there was snow on the ground!! He never sleeps.....except on the lawn mower :) Enjoy

Dad's Gardening

Poppy blooms......look at that color.

Blooming flowers amongst the vegetable garden. Trellis above was picked up on the side of the road....One person trash another's treasure :)

I thought that I would show you a few of Dad's goings on here at the shop/their home. Dad has been busy as a bee preparing his gardens, pots and new items in and around the garden. Dad loves to garden and is very good at it. He claims he is preparing for the BYOP but WE know he would do it regardless!! Take a look and when you are here for the BYOP you can see how things have grown, changed and progressed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring time

Okay, so my computer freaked out on me and wouldn't let me put any more pictures of the nest on so here are a couple more.

It's Spring time

I thought I would share some photos of a nest that my husband found. We have an old feedlot that consists of LOTS of cement. While my husband was spraying for weeds he found this nest on the cement. 4 eggs nestled neatly in the pile of small rocks on top of the cement. It blends so well with the color of the eggs. It has inspired me to see if I can dye some wool to match the eggs and surroundings. It is a Kildeer bird and fun to watch the protective mother as we get close to the nest. Watching her pretend that she is hurt to lure us away from the nest!! Enjoy I did! Isn't it amazing how mother nature works?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Horse Rug

Well, as you can see I have worked on the's just been slow. I hope today to organize myself. I need to cut wool so I am ready to go. You know if you hook 15 minutes here and there it is amazing what you get done. :) My plan is to do a little hooking while I waiting on the dye pot.

Henny Penny

Mom has completed her rug. Actually, I whipped the rug for her using some rug yarn that we had from Potted Pear. It worked perfectly. I had a weak moment and said I would whip it for her and she didn't argue. Today I will steam it one more time so that we can get it in the shop for display. Mom did a great job and it going to hook it again only hooking all motifs in one direction, including the background.

BYOP Challenge Rug

Yes, it is FINALLY finished. Guess I took my time with this one but it is now done and I am ready to move on. It will soon be time to draw out the next Challenge rug for this year. I have an odd feeling that the summer is going to fly by and the kids aren't even out of school yet!! Track is over and now baseball season has begun.

Jenny is home from college with her first year under her belt. She starts work today for Flemings our local clothing store....its a great place to shop. :)

I am home today doing a little dying experiment. I love to play with color and it is exciting to see what I come up with.