Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Closing In....

Mom has been busy working on her rug.  She has named it, "The Cousins."
I thought I would show you where she is at.  
The outside is almost finished and the question was, "what to do for the inside?"

Here is the rug.  
All of mom's grandchildren dressed as she "remembers" them.
It has been a fun rug to watch evolve........especially since I am not hooking it. :)

A close up view of my 2 nephews from Salt Lake City. 
 Max is into the theater and Eli soccer.

We had much discussion on what to use (wool wise) for the center.  It is a fun rug but also just a little peculiar too.
Does the pile in the middle give you a clue?

Mom is going to give hit-n-miss a try. 
 We gathered up all of her left-over wool along with some from her worm basket.
She is going to do directional hooking (left to right).  She is keeping the colors subtle with a few sparks from the children's cloths.

Our fingers are crossed that this plan will actually work. 
 Mom is going to hook a section to see how it looks.

Otherwise, it's plan B............and we don't have a plan B. :0

Happy Hooking 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pictures as promised

I was hooking away on Drew's rug and was close to being finished when I ran out of wool.
Rats.  I hate that feeling.

I dyed this yesterday and it isn't the exact color (due to the person behind the camera).
  It is now dyed, rinsed and ready to be cut up.

This is what I have left on the rug.  If I was diligent I would get on it this weekend and get it finished up.  
I took the picture quick this morning as I was heading out the door.  
I'm really close and CAN NOT wait to finish it up!

We received this book earlier this week.
  It is written by Bea Brock whom Mom and I have taken a class from several years back.
  Bea is a wonderful teacher as well as a kind hearted person.  I am enjoying reading this book.  Bea has some perfect ideas for organizing your wool whether it be your worms or bigger size pieces.  
I can't wait to use some of her techniques.
Can you imagine being so organized that you knew EXACTLY where everything was?
I probably still couldn't find it! ;)

The book retails for $24.95

Friday, March 21, 2014

Caught between 2 fence posts?

Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? 
 The other day the dogs and I were outside doing some chores.  
I came inside when I was done and realized I was missing a dog.  
I could hear  a strange noise that I thought was a chicken but soon found out it was the missing dog, Snickers.

The snow is starting to melt and Snickers was able to get into the garden via the snowbank but couldn't get back out.  
I thought it was a little humorous but think it stressed the dog trying to get out. :/

On Thursday we had a 2 hour delay due to fog. 
 You literally could NOT see a thing.

Some where out there is the road. 
 It took hours for the fog to lift. 

I went out with my camera to take a few pictures. 
 We got a little snow and the fog put a little frost on everything.
I would like to say that this is a "plant" with frost but it is actually a "weed".
I still think it's pretty. ;)

Tomorrow's post will be a new book we got and pictures of my rug.............almost done!

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 17, 2014

What's on your agenda today?

Jenny was home for her Spring Break and at one point I had all 4 kids in the house for a couple of days.  
Fun to listen to them visit as they are getting older.

Today I am catching up and trying to get a few things done. 
Here is a little preview of my day.
Housekeeping.  I thought it would be a great day to hang the sheets on the line.........even though it's cold and windy outside.  
Nothing beats the smell of fresh sheets when you crawl into bed at night.

Out the door I went with sheets in tow only to find this.  
How disappointing.  Not ONE line attached to the other end. 
 Guess you can say it was a hard, long winter here?

No fresh smelling sheets for me.  :(

Staining the baseboards for my living room.  First coat is on and later today I will put the next color on.  I'm trying to match the old woodwork.  Not always an easy task.
These will be finished up this week and HOPEFULLY be installed by the end of the week.

We received this on Saturday.  A new book for beginning rug hookers.  It's a nice little book to stick in your hooking basket.  It is a small size 5x7 and retails for $20.00

P.S.  I am hooking and will try and show you tomorrow the progress I have made on Drew's rug.

Happy Monday Everyone

Monday, March 10, 2014

Springtime. Yahoo.

It feels like Spring today.  The temperature is in the 40's and you can hear the melting going on outside.  
I decided it would be a great day to let the "ladies" outside for some fresh air.
The snow is melting enough so that when you step on the snow you immediately sink down.  At one point I was up to my hips in the snow.

The chicken shed sits in a low spot.  When it rains or melts it's not the place you want to be.

This is just a different perspective so you can see you much snow we have out there.

The hydrant was even covered.  I dug it out so I could get the waterer underneath. 

I stuck the waterer underneath the hydrant and lifted the handle.  I stepped back to take the photo but didn't hear anything coming out.
Yep. The hydrant was frozen.  We used it all winter and now when it's warm it freezes?  Really?  Plan B.

I filled the waterer up with as much snow as I could.  It sits on top of a heater so the snow should melt.

Hope "the ladies" enjoy their day out in the sunshine!
 Isn't it great to see the sun?

By The Way.......tomorrow we are scheduled for 1-2" of snow.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm Hooking................FINALLY!

Call it what you may but I have flat out had a lack of interest in hooking these past few months. 
 Sure, I have done a little here and there but nothing grand. 
 Every loop was a struggle.  
I set-up, reorganized and cut strips to get myself motivated. 
 I even got a really good deal on an Ott lamp!

I have been working on this rug for my son, Drew.
  I ran into a snag and it stopped all creativity and work. 
 I showed the rug to mom and she said "just hook it and see what it looks like."  
To be honest I thought it would never work. 
 Guess what? It did! 
 I called mom to let her know that she was "right". 
 It is ALWAYS  a good feeling to know you are least once in a while.  :)

Since the suggestion worked I have been hooking non stop! 
 It is such an amazing feeling! 
 Watch out rugs, here I come. 
 I have BIG plans in the next few weeks.
  The wool will be flying!


Here is what I have been working on.

This is the badge from the Air Force base that Drew goes to for drill.  I free handed it and that brought on a few problems.  
Since jumping the hurdle of the scrolls, things have been moving right a long.

I am working on the stars and the field of the flag. 
 Once that is complete I will work on the VERY small arrowheads located at the tip of each point in the middle (not sure what that yellow thing is even called).

The goal is to have the rug complete by class time in April. 
 Currently I don't anticipate that being an issue.

We have snow scheduled for 3 days this week. 
 Who is sick of winter?  We all are!

Happy Hooking.