Monday, March 10, 2014

Springtime. Yahoo.

It feels like Spring today.  The temperature is in the 40's and you can hear the melting going on outside.  
I decided it would be a great day to let the "ladies" outside for some fresh air.
The snow is melting enough so that when you step on the snow you immediately sink down.  At one point I was up to my hips in the snow.

The chicken shed sits in a low spot.  When it rains or melts it's not the place you want to be.

This is just a different perspective so you can see you much snow we have out there.

The hydrant was even covered.  I dug it out so I could get the waterer underneath. 

I stuck the waterer underneath the hydrant and lifted the handle.  I stepped back to take the photo but didn't hear anything coming out.
Yep. The hydrant was frozen.  We used it all winter and now when it's warm it freezes?  Really?  Plan B.

I filled the waterer up with as much snow as I could.  It sits on top of a heater so the snow should melt.

Hope "the ladies" enjoy their day out in the sunshine!
 Isn't it great to see the sun?

By The Way.......tomorrow we are scheduled for 1-2" of snow.


  1. Good grief ,that is a lot of snow! Bet the ladies were really happy to be out and about. We are having beautiful weather (72*) here today,wish I could send you some warmer temps.Blessings,Jen

  2. Oh Jen, I wish you could too. Spring is just teasing us here. One day it's warmer and the next we are expecting snow. It is getting so old but I know it CAN"T last much longer. :)