Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pictures as promised

I was hooking away on Drew's rug and was close to being finished when I ran out of wool.
Rats.  I hate that feeling.

I dyed this yesterday and it isn't the exact color (due to the person behind the camera).
  It is now dyed, rinsed and ready to be cut up.

This is what I have left on the rug.  If I was diligent I would get on it this weekend and get it finished up.  
I took the picture quick this morning as I was heading out the door.  
I'm really close and CAN NOT wait to finish it up!

We received this book earlier this week.
  It is written by Bea Brock whom Mom and I have taken a class from several years back.
  Bea is a wonderful teacher as well as a kind hearted person.  I am enjoying reading this book.  Bea has some perfect ideas for organizing your wool whether it be your worms or bigger size pieces.  
I can't wait to use some of her techniques.
Can you imagine being so organized that you knew EXACTLY where everything was?
I probably still couldn't find it! ;)

The book retails for $24.95

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