Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Closing In....

Mom has been busy working on her rug.  She has named it, "The Cousins."
I thought I would show you where she is at.  
The outside is almost finished and the question was, "what to do for the inside?"

Here is the rug.  
All of mom's grandchildren dressed as she "remembers" them.
It has been a fun rug to watch evolve........especially since I am not hooking it. :)

A close up view of my 2 nephews from Salt Lake City. 
 Max is into the theater and Eli soccer.

We had much discussion on what to use (wool wise) for the center.  It is a fun rug but also just a little peculiar too.
Does the pile in the middle give you a clue?

Mom is going to give hit-n-miss a try. 
 We gathered up all of her left-over wool along with some from her worm basket.
She is going to do directional hooking (left to right).  She is keeping the colors subtle with a few sparks from the children's cloths.

Our fingers are crossed that this plan will actually work. 
 Mom is going to hook a section to see how it looks.

Otherwise, it's plan B............and we don't have a plan B. :0

Happy Hooking 

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