Monday, February 14, 2011

Home Renovations..................................Still!!

A little birdie told me that they would like to see some pictures of the renovations that are taking place in our house. This is the laundry room that is soon coming to a close. Wainscoting is up, some of the trim and some of the baseboard. I have a call into the plumber to move some pipes for us so we can put a sink by the dryer......................still waiting to hear from them. Once they do their job the sink can be put in and the rest of the trim can go down. :)
This cupboard came out of the basement in Dave's father's workshop. It held nuts, bolts and what ever else he needed it to. Dave built a cleat for the cupboard so it could hang on the wall. It has been cleaned and deodorized. It needs a couple of coats of lacquer but that can happen in between loads of laundry!!
Every thing has it's place now.................well almost! Just glad it is getting closer to being done. I heard from the cabinet guy this morning and he is stopping by to measure for doors on the back side of a built in butler's cabinet. Oh, how I love it when things fall into place. :)

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  1. I love that cupboard. I would love a piece like that in my pantry.