Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Neighbors

Welcome to North Iowa weather!! Once again we have been hit with high winds and blowing snow. Dave arrived home late last night and I pulled him out once and then we ended up leaving the car at the neighbors. So today as we were eating breakfast and saw a pick-up truck stuck not to far from our house. It was the same young man who had pulled us out not too long ago. Dave took off with the truck to pull him the process of getting one truck out ours went in the ditch!!
This is the tractor we use to move is as old as I am!! Serves the purpose, but it's small!
Call in the neighbors BIG tractor and out the truck comes without a hitch!

A big thank you and a shaking of hands...........................until we meet again!? I hope it isn't this year! :) We are very lucky to have such good to retrieve the car at the other neighbors.

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  1. Well, at least you have good neighbors (with tractors) to help out. I got stuck in my yard during the last storm and a nice young man was walking by and came in and pushed my car out. Lucky for me.