Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rugs from the rug show

Here are some of the rugs that were brought for the rug show.  I apologize up front if I don't know  remember who hooked what rug or give you credit for hooking one you did not.

Above hooked by Diana...............someday I would like to hook something like this for me!

Oh boy, can't remember either one of these.

Above and below are puzzle pieces  hooked by Sharon Townsend.

I believe this quilt design was hooked by Sue?

JoAnn is almost complete with our very own Kerr Jar!

The color isn't very good on this picture.  Think the photographer should learn how to run the camera better!  

The rug is HUGE and absolutely gorgeous.  It is hooked by Marie and I think it is called Winter Sheep.


  1. Those reindeer are too funny! Love their knobby leggs. The puzzle pieces are very interesting - thanks for sharing all the rugs. ~Ann

  2. Lots of eye candy from this rug show! I'm going to the Denver Hook-In later this month and I hope the show there will be just as wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pictures

  3. Where can I find the above rug pattern that you think is called, "Winter Sheep"? Or possibly Sheep On A Hill. It is hooked by Maria. Thanks so much. Joan B

    1. I saw similar on under Barb's Originals

    2. My mistake, it's at, listed under Carol Endres and it's called "January Sheep". It's 51"x45"

  4. Does anyone recognize the rug to the right with the leaf border in the "January Sheep" (Winter Sheep) picture?

  5. Enjoyed seeing the rugs. Do you have the reindeer pattern for sale?


  6. I believe the reindeer rug is a Judy Cripps of Rustic Rugs design.

  7. It does resemble the top banner across her website home screen.