Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newton Day 3

Wanda designed her own mat.  It is a place in Florida where she and her husband spend time collecting shells and enjoying the ocean.  Oh, the detail!!  Always picturesque!

Mary had this parrot in an antique mat that she was given.  She took the design and put it on some new linen and began hooking.  The colors were wonderful!

Barb has been working on this design for sometime now.  She decided not to start something new until this was completed.  It's safe to say that her children all have a "glint" in their eyes.  A new outside border color was added as well.  This is a masterpiece!!

Tania also designed her rug.  It is going to be the Green Mountains in Vermont where she and her husband visit.  Tania's rug involved incorporating "fog" into the mountains.  She found some yarn that worked fact she wouldn't share!!!

Diana is hooking a floral mat.  Her colors were beautiful as well as her hooking.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures from the rug show.  You will be amazed!!

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