Friday, May 4, 2012 project

Bet you thought it would be awhile before you saw my project.  Well, getting photos off my phone wasn't nearly as hard as I thought that it would be AND it loaded much faster (I am quite impressed with myself).

Meet Ada.
  I am not sure what this woman's name really is but she was deemed Ada when we were in class.

I did get quite a bit of hooking done considering I did much MORE reverse hooking!

This was a challenge for me but well worth it.  If this lady only knew how much I have thought about her in the last couple of weeks.  I think I have studied every crack and crease in her face.  I also wondered if she was still living, if she had any family and what her REAL name was.

Her hand is completely hooked and I will update you with pictures as I progress.  I am hoping to have her all finished by the end of July!

Everything about this lady was either white or off white.  The only color in the entire picture was the chair she sat in and the snow cone she ate.  I did add some color for her blouse and the background (to bring out the color in her lips).

I have already informed my children that when I get to be in the nursing home(or if they would choose to care for me in one of their homes) to be sure and use LOTS of color!! :)

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