Saturday, April 28, 2012

Newton Class with Sharon Townsend

Mounds of freshly dyed wool and a blank mat do nothing more than make a hookers heart flutter!!

Day 1 with our class the wool is so neatly arranged according to color. Yarn over flows from baskets and eager students wait to hear the soft spoken yet happy voice of our teacher Sharon Townsend. 

Sharon is such a wealth of knowledge and is out of her box more than she is in it.  I think she had all of us doing something out of our "usual" whether is be color or a technique.

Class is over now but the memories still linger and how I WISH I had just a few more days to soak up more of Sharon's wisdom.  

The rugs you see were in our class area.  Every morning we started here with projects in tow.  Rugs on the floor were examples that Sharon used to teach us different techniques.

I am sure by now everyone has caught their breath and is back to life as each of us knows it.

My project is still packed in the box it came home in and probably won't be touched till next week sometime.

I will be posting pictures of everyone's projects followed by rugs that were brought for the rug show.  

It is such a talented bunch of ladies and what fun to see familiar faces again and to laugh over silly things such as "fog".

Well done Miss Elsie Pelsie!!

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