Monday, April 9, 2012

2 Bricks and 1 Rope

Time off from school and bodies at home all at the same time usually mean we accomplish something on the home front.  This day it was to tear down the rest of the shed so SOON we can put a fence around the garden area.

Drew thought it was taking Dad way to long to get the trusses down so he got a rope and a brick and pulled them down.  Little brother was on the other end of the rope with a brick of his own.

Believe it or not we thought this would fall in one big heap........................especially when we were tearing  the tin roof off last summer and we could feel the building wafting in all directions.  

A little pushing and tugging finally got the post to fall.

Seriously, she just was there for the looks!!  Natalie sat in the tractor seat..............not really any help at all!?! :)

It really is true that many hands make for little work!

Once things get rolling on the garden I will post some pictures.  Don't hold your breath though................April is so full I don't think we could squeeze one more thing into the month!


  1. wow! I hope you're going to save that old lumber and make something cool out of it!

  2. Yes, we are saving it! Part of it will be used for a fence around my garden.