Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wonderful Things To Share

I don't know about you but Mom and I love to see finished projects from our customers.  Some of you are shy and think that your work isn't good enough but we love to see it and besides you are your own worst critique!

We recently had a lady in the shop who does exquisite hand work and she shared some of her work.

Nikki has been a customer of ours for sometime now.  We quickly learned that she is wonderful at MANY things.  

Above is a wool applique project that she completed from Primitive Gatherings.  This is hand stitched with hand-dyed thread.

Below you will find Nikki's completed projects from Country Sampler's Boxwood and Berries.  
It is a sewing caddy with slipper, scissor pocket and strawberry.  Everything is hand stitched.  

If you are familiar with Stacy Nash these are her designs and she completes each project with these TINY little x's around the entire project...................................Did I mention perfect little tiny x's? 

Below you will find another project from Stacy Nash's collection.

Drum roll pin keep and heart.  The heart is filled with emery.  

Nikki said the drum roll took 4 cups of sawdust to fill!

Another project from Boxwood and Berries by Maggie B.  
All wood and hand stitched.
This was like a clutch...............but for sewing needfulls.

Last but not least a bedcover by Maggie B.  I am not sure of the size but it was all put together with hand stitching.
I couldn't get the whole bed cover in the picture but it was beautiful.

We so appreciate each and everyone of you and we LOVE it when we get to see FINISHED projects!

Please don't be shy...............................we are all beginners at some point!

Thanks for sharing Nikki!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Nikki's work! I met Nikki at Boxwood & Berries and can attest to her amazing work! I'll be visiting Nikki in the fall and can't wait to visit Ewe & Eye!!!
    Blessings, Patti