Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Survived Thanksgiving................

We decided to go see our daughter, Jennifer for Thanksgiving since she couldn't make it home for the holiday. Our decision was EASY since she is attending school in Florida!! This is a picture of the kids on the beach on Thanksgiving day. It was a beautiful day, we had much to be thankful for and we were all together. A traditional meal was purchased from the local grocery store, Jenny made her first with a "floating" crust and one without! :) It doesn't matter what you eat or where you are as long as you are together!!
The day we left the weather had gotten quite "cool" for Florida. As I looked out onto the beach there were only 2 people in the boys. Everyone else was wearing long pants and jackets!! One last shot at the ocean before we left! They had such fun "riding" the waves..........Mom not so much! :)
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

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