Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Back.................

Well, I imagine that most of you think I died and went to heaven..............actually I just fell of the "blog wagon"!! Life has happened and the days have just rolled right on by. I am currently sewing costumes for the musical that is next weekend! Two of my children are in it and mom and dad have helped on the side. :) This year they are doing "Suessical" it is based on the stories of Dr. Suess. It is very cute and I am hoping to round up the costumes this weekend. I have been working with feather boas and have lots flying around at home!!

We have been working here at the shop too. The above photo is a picture of one of Maggie B's latest patterns. It is called Two Birds In The Garden. It measures 17 x 36 and is wool applique. We decided to make it into a 36" pillow. It looks great sitting in our shop! The pattern retails for $9.00.

I have actually been finishing up a project. It always feels good to get those done. The sad part is it isn't a rug project but cross stitch instead!! My wool project is still in the dyeing stages. :)

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