Friday, November 5, 2010

New projects

One day I had this hair-brained idea to draw up some rug designs that were easy to do. We all like to work on a project that we know we will complete! We both picked out a design and began hooking...............guess who completed theirs first? Mom is such an over achiever. :) Mom hooked this one and we thought it was a piece of cake. We picked out a wool that we hadn't used yet for the background. It was all hooked and you couldn't see a thing. We both hooked and reverse hooked and still nothing. The background sucked the life out of every color we hooked in. Eventually we hooked bright and light. I am not sure that it is one of our favorites.......due to the background that we chose but it's just a rug and we learned our lesson.

The rug is 8 x 20 and sells for $26.00. This would make a great holiday gift............especially when you don't have to reverse hook!

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