Saturday, June 5, 2010

Must be the weather.....

Carryall bag......................................Boxer station :)

I decided on Thursday that I wanted to change the background of the blog. I started late at night.....big mistake. I began punching buttons and before I knew it I had undone everything. So if you happened upon this site and noticed it was was!! I have spent several hours trying to undo what I did. Computers are not my thing and I get frustrated easily. I finally have back what I started with and it is still the same. I may leave it that way for awhile till I get brave enough to try again.
The kids are home from school for the summer. I have been busy cooking, picking up and working on "fun" projects. As of today we have 2 pairs of boxer shorts started (not finished), 1 quilted carryall bag (not finished) and 3 cosmetic bags (1 finished 2 neither started or finished). There are moments that I don't know if I am starting or finishing something, BUT it is a real pleasure to sew with the kids and watch their excitement as we begin, work-on, or finish the project. I hope there will be items finished as the days roll along. Note: I did not use the word wool or rug hooking in any of the words above! :)

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