Thursday, June 17, 2010

Projects in the works

Mom and I have been working on some smaller projects. Sometimes you need that feeling of satisfaction of COMPLETEING something. I had this hair brain idea to take one of our chair pads and make it fit a a removeable covering. I actually completed hooking this while I was dying some wool. I figure 10 hours and the hooking was good to go.....all scraps I might add! My worms didn't even move. I think they multiple over night! I need to sew on another strip of binding to cover the inside. Thought of that a little too late!? I hope to have it completed and on the stool tonight.....that is if we get rained out at the ball game. Who doesn't want to be a QUEEN of something? This is a new pattern we picked up at market. She will reside in our shop as "Queen of the Wool. More photos to come.....

Mom just finished this applique pattern called "Harvest Moon" by Threads That Bind. Mom had a lot of fun with this. She even lined the back with some Halloween fabric. Great Job!

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