Thursday, June 17, 2010

Half way through June

Yesterday while I was waiting for a child I sat on Dad's swing in the garden and soaked up the sunshine. It was exciting to look at the garden from a different perspective. Dad has done a wonderful job. Enjoy a few more pictures of the garden area.

As you sit on Dad's swing in the garden this is the view that you see. I sat the other day and just enjoyed the sunshine as I watched the butterflies float from flower to flower. When you sit on the swing you also see this. Dad wrote this poem himself and it is posted proudly for all to see. How true the words are.............Great job DAD!!!

Dad's tellis that he picked up from the street side!

Ever have days when you feel like this? A few years ago Dad saw these in a Country Living book and decided to make some. 2 reside in the garden area. I was lucky enough to receive mine, however it is much worse for the wear......... it has lost an arm and both eyes! Note: This is the male, he has a tie. He is also standing amongst the flowers while the female is in the vegetable garden!! Hmmm.

Today I am running two steps behind. I see I have already posted this picture. Take a second look. :)

One of Dad's many pots sitting around! Did I mention that I have 1.....and it's small?!

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