Monday, March 7, 2011

Dyeing Days

For those of you who receive Rug Hooking Magazine the latest issue has an article about dyeing the color orange. I was soooo inspired that I soaked the wool, filled the pots and begin to dye. This picture doesn't do the luscious colors justice. This isn't even all of it.....the rest has been delivered to the shop. While the wool was cooking in the pots I was stripping woodwork.....trying to finish it up. My goal is to have 1 doorway ready to be re-assembled by the time my husband gets home this week. Shouldn't be a problem. The first round of mud and tape is officially on in the living room. As Sam would say, "Is that one dude coming today?" The answer is yes. We have hired a wonderful man to help us to finish up the living room. Dave and I bought the wood for the floor and it is in the shop waiting to be prepared. I decided to have 12" pine boards. I am so excited I can hardly think straight! When something wonderful happens I will post pictures.

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