Friday, March 4, 2011

Designs for class

In April we will be taking our usual class in Newton. This year we will have the pleasure of Anita White as a teacher. I am always excited about going as I get to hook for 4 days without any interruptions. Guess it is a little "Me" time?! The above picture is what I will be working on. A few years back my nephew drew me a picture of this lion. I have been waiting for the right moment to work with it and now is the time! I am using the background for geometric fun. I can't wait to get started. No, I am not giving this to my nephew, Ben for a very LONG time! :)
Above you will see Mom's rug. When we were little.......... and even into high school Mom would sing this song to us to get us out of bed. Now remember our day started between 5 and 6 a.m. We grew to HATE hearing this in the morning and she took GREAT pleasure in that. :) Think that is what you call "pay back." I will be taking my camera so I can post while we are in class and you will be able to see the progress.

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