Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Finishing Up

If you remember awhile back I showed you  a couple of my projects that were close to being done but not quite.  Well,  after that post I got a bee in my bonnet and finished the projects.

The top two pictures are a pinkeep pattern that I got from Stacy Nash.  The stitching was all complete I just needed  or should I say take the time to put it together.  I had the strawberry done MONTHS ago!
It was an interesting piece to work on...........putting it together that is.  I believe there are somewhere around 4 cups of sawdust in it.  
I need to put another one together since I have a better feel for how to do it!  Yes, I do have another pattern just waiting to be stitched! :)

Above is a pattern by Karen Kahle.  We carried several of these in the shop and they weren't selling so I decided since it was "Small"  I should get it hooked as "Samples" sell.  As soon as I had half of it done the patterns shot out the door.  Well, my desire to finish just wasn't there any more.

I used only scraps from my basket (that is HUGE) to hook this piece.  It is small but one of my favorites.

I should probably show you some more UFO's and that way I would be held accountable. 

It's a drizzly day here today...............a great day to finish a project up!!

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