Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Rug

In my spare time the other day I was perusing Pinterest and came upon this old rug.  I instantly fell in love and decided I NEEDED to hook it.  

I did some research and found the original and the dimensions.  There is no name for this rug so I have "deemed" it................Three Birds!  Original I know.  

The dimensions for this rug are's a biggie.  

I have 2 drawn out as of right now.  I ran out of linen and hope the shipment arrives this week. The colors on this are just yummy.  I have already laid out a few that I would like to use...............because you know that I am starting this rug tomorrow. ;)

The price of the rug is $110.00


  1. That's a great design and it will make a beautiful rug! Could ou share a link to our Pinterest boards? I'd love to see all the goodies you've found there! Thanks!

  2. Oops - I meant YOUR Pinterest boards, of course!

  3. Gayle,
    I don't have any rugs on there. I am still trying to figure that site out! I just put hooked rugs in and searched.

  4. I know that this is a really old post, but I really would LOVE to buy this pattern from you! Please? :)