Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden Fence is FINISHED!!!

The fence is finished and boy does it feel wonderful!!  Thanks to my husband and 2 boys who helped finish it up.  Now that the weather has cooled down I hope to spend some more time out there weeding, tilling and fertilizing.  The weather has taken such a tole on the everything!

This is one of my most favorite plants.  My dad bought me the very first one while we lived in Ohio and I brought it with us when we moved but unfortunately it didn't make it through the winter here.  

I recently purchased one and am so excited to see that it is actually growing despite the hot weather. 
It is called a Red Hot Poker Plant!

We live on an old farm that has LOTS of cement!  Most of it is heaved up and broken into smaller pieces.  We are slowly trying to remove what we can.  The worst part is all the little rocks that are underneath.

This is the area by the garden and the chicken shed.  We are attempting to clear that cement so we can lay some underground wiring and a water line.

Seems there is always projects going on at our house.  

Oh, did I mention that my son made a deal with me that he would take up the cement if I would FINISH painting his room?  He doesn't have much patience for that kind of thing.  

I agreed to the deal and he is wondering when I will start.......................................How much cement do I want taken up?!  ;)

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