Saturday, July 21, 2012

More New Wool

We just received another shipment of wool.  It is wonderful!!  I brought a piece of each one photograph. ;)

The top piece is one of my favorites.  You talk about "OLD" looking this is the piece.  It has grays and oatmeals in it!

The second piece is off white, gray and taupe.  It too is fabulous.  I can't wait to hook something with it.

Top a great fall piece.  It has gold, rust and brown in it! Yum.
The bottom one is the color of Army Blanket Green.

A super brown.  We have had it in the shop before and it sold really well so we bought some more!!
Bottom piece is black and white...............great for chickens and great for an over dye.

The top piece is cream color and would be great for dying or as is.
A perfect green plaid!

Along with this post I have to mention the fact that with this new shipment of wool we will also be raising the price of our wool.  We have put it off for sometime now and finally have decided .............we have no choice.   Every time we order the price goes up higher as well as the shipping.  Therefore our wool prices will be the following:  $16.00 a 1/2 yd for textures and $20.00 a 1/2 yard for hand dyed.  It is a $2.00 raise across the board.  We are hoping that it will be awhile before we have to increase them again!  Keep your fingers crossed!!

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