Friday, November 11, 2011


For those of you that witnessed the MANY pictures of our completed projects....please forgive me. Yesterday I sat for (I hate to admit how long) what seemed like hours trying to post on the blog. I was VERY proud of the fact that I actually got a post done. I hate to admit my failings but I really stink at electronics......I love how they work but sometimes I HATE when there is change. Blogger decided to change the "Look"..........well, let me tell you that's not all they changed!! Mom so kindly informed me this morning that there were SEVERAL photos of our two rugs Let's just say it's a little embarassing when the photos are larger than life. :) I did remove the pictures and will try to repost them........but not today as my computer is at home. So again, I apologize and hope to be better at this new change as time goes along. Oh, and if you see something weird on here........please let me know. It's kinda like going all day with your pants unzipped!?!

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