Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remember This?

Do you remember this?  Does it resemble a living room?  I thought that I would show you a before and after picture so you would understand my frustrations.  
The other day when I couldn't sleep I started to count the number of months that the plastic sheeting has hung between my living room and dining room..............9 months......and that was the SECOND time!!
I decided I had be patient long enough. The goal was to have it completed before the college crew came home for break.........................and we did!!

Yes, this is a very empty wall.  I didn't want to put anything on it until I got a cupboard in there.  I want a cupboard that I can put a small television in and shut the door.  Ultimately, I would like a corner cupboard but don't think that is in the budget right now.  I know, the rug is small but I wanted to get a feel for what one would look like.  I was going to order one but decided to wait till I get my furniture figured out.
A small table to play checkers or sit with the laptop.........I am hoping that will get them off of the kitchen table.  The table is actually from an auction that I purchased several years ago for $25.00.  It's walnut and works perfectly there.  Jenny refinished it for a 4-H project and it went to the State Fair.
This is my "thinking" chair.  I love to sit here with my favorite cup of coffee in the morning before everyone gets up.  I can collect my thoughts and figure out the day. Notice the wing back chairs?  I purchased them at the consignment shop.  There are now green and kinda work but I want something different.  I decided that after the first of the year I would "try" and reupholster them.  I have done some research and have been told that it isn't that difficult to upholster!?!  I may be out of my mind or just plain stupid?!?  You may hear my screams over the internet!!  I will keep you posted as to the progress.

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  1. Beth, you should go to Youtube and look for upholstery/slipcover videos! I did and slipcovered a free couch for my daughter's house. It took me awhile but it turned out well. Good luck!
    Cathy Tokheim